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Free Time: Do Nothing

Soooooo…today was a long day.  I mean, literally, LOOOOOOOOONG.  Apparently, if you want more hours in your day, all you have to do is wake up at 4:30 am.  Who knew!?!?

With Jeffrey and Ellie Graye heading to Southern California for an overnight stay at his mother’s, the morning started at that ungodly hour.  I waved goodbye to my darling daughter, and crawled back into bed.  As I tried to fall back into the arms of sleep, I suddenly realized: THE ROYAL WEDDING was on!  I quickly found the remote and hit play on the DVR’d coverage.  I got sucked in, for sure, and at 8 am, decided it was time to get my day started.

I headed off to the barn to pack up what I would need for the show this weekend.  After grabbing my saddle and a few other necessities, I stopped at Fred Meyer to pick up some snacks and lunch for the day.  As I browsed through the pastries in the bakery, my phone rang; it was Michelle telling me that the show had actually been cancelled!  I suddenly had a free day!  I was immediately running through all the possibilities the day now held, but the only thing I could thing of was sleep! I didn’t actually get any sleep, because just as I pulled up to DPF, the sun peeked out from behind the grey, and I just couldn’t resist heading out into the garden.  I was soon digging around, planting seeds, harvesting asparagus, and planning the rest of my vegetable garden.  There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly turned soil, and the feel of the brisk spring air against my cheeks.

The 2011 garden - still have a long way to go!



The weather was just so gorgeous, I couldn’t help but walk around, take some photos, and just enjoy such a beautiful spring day.  The dogs, who have apparently become more mature and are no longer running around the neighborhood like they own it, enjoyed chasing and hunting all day (though I do have to take Boots into the vet tomorrow to get antibiotics for a puncture wound that went in one side of his ear and out the other – I’m convinced it was an animal’s tooth that did the damage). They stink like dead fish, but I think it’s good for their fur…..right????

Jax coming when I call her.........

and, um, Boots' response to my call!

Colin and Susie came over for dinner – the highlight of which was the asparagus.  Wow, it was insanely delicious: not bitter or woody, but buttery and delicious!  We grilled it with olive oil, salt, pepper and a few other seasonings. DELISH!  We were all exhausted, and just sat around staring at each other, yawning, and exclaiming how we just needed to sleep.  After the 112th time of saying it was time to sleep, off everyone went, and I crawled in bed, looking forward to a night of no 3 am wakenings from Ellie…..oooooh, and I can sleep in! WOO HOO!

So it’s time! I’m off to sleep!

Now THAT's a view: a very GREEN view!





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