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@!(*&!# Robins

The first spring we spent at Deer Park Farms (2008), we were wakened by a thump at our window.

“What the heck was that???” I hollered.  Jeffrey looked outside, but saw nothing.  We laid back down and closed our eyes.

THUMP!!!!!! Again something hit the window…then again and again and again. We soon discovered it was a robin, trying to get at who knows what or who knows who.  We felt a little bad for what we thought was a poor, delusional, special-needs robin.  We hung a wind chime from the eaves hoping that it would deter the poor fellow from causing even further trauma to his obviously, already-damaged brain.  But, unfortunately, he simply moved to another window, and then another and another.  Finally, Jeffrey had Victor put the poor guy out of his misery. We were all a little sad, but it’s all part of farm life, right?

So, yes, we thought we were done with the thump-thump-thumping.

The next year, my cousin Sarah visited.  One morning as I walked into the kitchen, she exclaimed,  “Oh my god, Melissa, what is going on in the laundry room?  Something keeps hitting the window! I’m too scared to look, so I just shut the door!”  Yep. You guessed it: a damn robin. Not long after, Jake informed us that there was yet another drunken bird flying into the window of the pool house.  Something about our windows makes these guys lose their mind!

On the practical side, keeping the windows clean has been nearly impossible, and putting wind chimes at every window is…um…well, it’s ridiculous. So for us, farm life includes sleeping through loud thumping, and washing windows constantly; we just always hope that they don’t start their raucous behavior too early in the morning!

I finally caught one of them in action.  Check this damn bird out….


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  1. Arlene Carvey-Kacik

    it would be one thing if they kept going to the same window. . . what the heck . . .?

  2. A robin (bird) for the past 5 days keep hit our house window, all of them why,?


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