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Mother’s Day Celebration


Falling into bed tonight, I feel quiet inside.  There’s something about having family around that just brings peace to my periodically tempestuous inner being. While we missed having my sister join us in our celebration of Motherhood, we did have Lorena’s mother and twin sister here.   Lorena and I have known each other now for nearly 10 years, and it was awesome to finally meet her mother.  Her sister Ruth had cleaned for us when we still lived in Los Angeles on the rare occasion that Lorena took a few days off, and it was nice to see her again! We view Lorena and Victor as part of our family, so we’re always overjoyed to welcome their families into our home!

When we introduced Ellie to Lorena’s sister Ruth, the expression on her face was priceless.  She stared at Ruth, then turned to Nana (Lorena); she looked back at Ruth, then back at Nana.  She said nothing.  We could see her wheels turning trying to process how in the world there were TWO Nanas!  She eventually warmed up and was soon playing and chatting and running around – and on more than one occasion, mistook Ruth for Lorena.  We had lots of good laughs about it.

We had an over-abundance of food, as usual – especially since there was the unexpected addition of homemade authentic Mole sauce and Mexican Rice!  Lorena’s mom made enough for an army, so we’ll be freezing it and having it for dinner frequently!  Jake, of course, helped out; and I made a couple of delicious desserts – one of which I will HAVE to post at some point: Sopapilla Cheesecake. Honestly, one of my favorite desserts I’ve ever made.  INSANE!

I’m now finally coming off my sugar high, and am crashing big time….so here are some photos from the day…..

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  1. Arlene Carvey-Kacik

    Thank you Melissa, Jakie and Lorena’s madre for the wonderful meal and company. so glad Ellie is enjoying her umbrella. (And yes, we did miss having your sister.)

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