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June?!?!? Where’s the Sunshine???

What the heck?  Is it really June??? I’d never know by looking outside – and I say “looking” because the weather sucks so much I won’t be “standing outside.”  Honestly, I know Portland weather isn’t exactly known for its warmth or sunshine, but don’t you think this is taking it too far?  I mean, on our drive over to Bend for Memorial Day Weekend, it snowed and hailed.  Sure, Ellie loved feeling the hail plopping into her hand as we drove with the sunroof open, but I could do without all the freezing and the CONSTANT wet.  Rain, rain, Go AWAY!!!!!

The vegetable garden has started to grow a bit – but it’s rather slow (and I’m beginning to think we’re going to have a repeat of the fiasco that was LAST year).  Unfortunately, Victor planted my tomato seedlings straight from the greenhouse without hardening them off (they need to adjust to the temperature difference from the greenhouse to the garden), so they’ve almost all died.  Kinda frustrating, but can’t do anything about it now.  I may be hitting up the Garden center for more mature plants soon.

The asparagus plants have been producing loads of spears, and man, oh man, you haven’t had good asparagus until you’ve tried it straight from the garden – it’s insanely delicious, and asparagus has never been a favorite of mine!  I’m not sure that we won’t soon be tired of asparagus, but even after a few days without it, I’m already looking forward to the next dish!  I’ve posted a few recipes of my own, and was also pretty thrilled with  a recipe from Mari at OnceUponAPlate…I made my own little adjustments, but stayed pretty true to the dish.  It was unique…I think I’ll broil quickly them next time to crisp them up…

We’ll see how the rest of the garden does with all this damn rain….who knows.



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