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Pixie Hallow 2.0

I’m sure a lot of you remember how back in December and January, I spent a couple weeks working on Ellie Graye’s room.  I loved how things were coming together, but there were definitely some finishing touches that I never got around to.  While we were gone on the Disney Cruise in March, my mother decided to break out her paintbrush once again and work on the mural that she had started before Ellie was born.  There had been a willow tree in the corner, and while I liked it, she said it just didn’t make sense.  So, she took away the willow tree, highlighting her amazing work of Neverland, and added a “viney” looking tree in another corner.  I loved the accents that she added to Neverland – she finished Captain Hook’s ship, added shimmer to the ocean, and fine tuned some of the highlights. It really is an amazing piece!

Recently, I put my own additions up, and love the results.  By adding the sparkly greenery (that I, of course, got on SUPER clearance), the vines became far more vibrant and believable – and brought the whole room together in a way that hadn’t happened before.  I love how it makes mom’s work pop!  There are still a few more touches that I need to add here and there throughout the room, but I need to wait until Ellie graduates from her crib (I’m holding on to THAT for as long as I can!), and I figure out what’s going to go where!  So until my next wave of inspiration comes, we’ll be enjoying Pixie Hollow 2.0!


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3 Comments to “Pixie Hallow 2.0”

  1. Amazing talented work, Arlene and Melissa! I walked in Ellie’s room and my jaw dropped open. So beautiful.

  2. Arlene Carvey-Kacik

    Miss, I love what you did with the ferns in the corner as well as the greenery around Never land. Three cheers for team work!

  3. So beautiful! You are some talented ladies, no doubt about it…

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