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Happy Birthday, Boo Bear!

I swear, I haven’t been hiding the last month. I’ve been manically preparing for Ellie’s Princess and the Frog 3rd birthday party.  Did I go a little overboard? Of course.Was it totally, completely, and utterly “me”? Absolutely!

A few weeks ago, someone close to me asked me who the party was actually for: me or Ellie…the question got me to thinking, and I kept came up with the same answer: Ellie.  While I LOVE the preparations, the planning and the creative parts of getting ready for such an event, it really comes down to wanting to create an extremely special memory for her and all the other kids who were coming.  As my brother Jake said, “Sometimes in those really low moments in adult life, memories like over-the-top parties can be just the thing that reminds you that not everything has been horrible, that maybe someone does care, and maybe someone DOES love you.” Indeed, Ellie Graye had an absolute blast and aside from one little sharing issue had a grin on her face the entire day!

BLESSING IN DISGUISE: We had an amazing turn out, with between 70 and 80 people (including little ones) roaming about.  Friday was an absolute panic day, and I have to admit, I broke down.  Living in Oregon, with its insanely wet weather, I usually have a Plan B for anything planned outside.  But the track record for our parties in July was impeccable, and I hadn’t even thought about the “what if it rains” scenario!  We were having a pool party, damn it!  As the party date grew closer, rain was becoming eminently imminent.  With a phone call at dinner time on Thursday asking, “What’s plan-B?” I just about lost it!  What WAS Plan-B?  Every weather report called for rain…and not just a chance of showers – a 71% chance of showers.  My decor was all planned for outside, the serving tables were planned for outside, and the kids were supposed to SWIM! There was no way around it: the living room had to be turned into a play room.  Sofas got pushed against the walls, folding tables were set up inside, every single one of Ellie’s toys were piled around the perimeter, and I found myself planning additional decor at the last minute.  As things started to come together, I realized that the set up worked even better than what I had planned even if the weather was GREAT!  We were finally utilizing the amazing space that we have, and on top of that, I could set up the night before rather than getting up at the crack of dawn! My mother stepped up and offered to do an art tent for an activity, and boy was that a hit!

The living room converted into Play room! (taken with my iPhone)

As it turned out, we completely lucked out, and the rain that had moved in overnight, stopped fairly early, and the day was absolutely perfect!  It wasn’t too hot, but it was warm enough for the kiddos to go swimming, enjoy running around outside, and the adults sat comfortably watching the mayhem!  We feel insanely lucky!

The one unfortunate thing was simply my fault: I didn’t think to take photos of the decor on either Friday OR on the day of the party – so hopefully someone took some and can send them my way!  I took a few today, but most of it was already taken down…I’m crossing my fingers that the photographer we hired got a few and I’ll be able to post them once I get the CD from her!


Photo Booth tent (though the camera stopped working at some point...)

The front door

Entry Way

Naveen and Tiana wedding picture 🙂

Living room Mantle


Above the appetizer table (I wish I had gotten a photo of it!)

Mama Odie Appetizer table decor (also had her back up singers, The Flamingos, but again, I didn't take photos)

This was the bar...for adults...missing some of its vital parts!

Dr. Facilier's Hat...made of felt, stuffed with tissue paper.

The kid's drink station

I’ll post more tomorrow about the food as well as the cakes – they deserve their own entries…for now, I’m off – and if you were there….send me your photos!


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