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The Power of Spray Paint.

While I’ve always loved spray paint, it took my mother’s reminding about its amazing transformative powers!  She had several pieces of furniture that were…well, how do I put this…um…”meh” would be the best word, I think.  After putting some elbow grease and spray paint to them, they turned into pretty cool pieces!  With the pool house in desperate need of some fresh furniture, I followed my mother’s example and went to work.  The old pieces were refreshed sufficiently (even if they’re not my ideal pieces, they’ll work until I find just the right ones), and suddenly spray paint was helping me with everything!

It isn't the Ritz, but I do think that it's welcoming...I refuse to buy furniture new unless I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!


I'm still searching for handles for this dresser. I bought it at a garage sale for $5. It was an incredibly dark stain (to match the handles)...the paint is a step in the right direction

The book shelves were dark brown and peeling...now they're aged white 🙂 I just need to fill them with books!

The decor for Ellie’s birthday didn’t escape the spray can either.  I needed white cake stands, so I improvised!

Candle sticks, plates, gorilla glue and, of course, spray paint (don't worry, I didn't put food directly on them)!

Cake stand: candle sticks, metallic spray paint, shelf glass, and scrapbook paper; Vase: Green (Eden) spray paint and $1 vase from TJ Maxx (was eventually filled with flowers); Candy Tin: $1 tin from Target, purple spray paint

Yes, indeed, I went a little paint crazy, but am super happy with most of the results (though some things looked like crap after I did a poor job of sanding and some very lazy prep work).

Ellie's faded and worn out picnic table got new life!

The $3 doll highchair that I found at the Goodwill looks awesome in pink!

An old metal mirror that had been tossed into the shop looks great in pink, too!

A cool carved wood frame I found at the Goodwill for $2 is gorgeous in green!


It's just a cool frame like this...I think I should have left it this way! Goodwill: $4.99

See what I mean? It might look better in Green. Going to try that tomorrow...if not, I'll strip it and refinish it!

Speaking of refinishing…I also refinished a table that I had bought when I was in college. Yes, at a garage sale in Whittier.  I think I paid $4.

I’m not sure if it’s poverty mentality or just the fact that I love to save a penny, but no matter what our finances are like, I still love rescuing pieces and giving them some good elbow grease and making them new!  It’s just so darn rewarding!

So that’s SOME of what else has been going on around here…aaah, life is good.





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