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Food Trays

I like taking food and fresh picked flowers to friends when I visit – I like putting in the thought and time to share something that shows my appreciation!  I wouldn’t think of showing up to someone’s house empty handed – I guess it’s just the way my mother raised me.  I don’t, however, like having to deal with the back and forth of dishes or vases.  So, I buy vases at the Dollar Tree and leave them.  And I always have my eyes peeled for serving trays on clearance…mostly after the holidays.  I search for trays that have either plan edges or ones that can be adapted for any occassion.  I’ve found trays for as little as a dollar, and all the way down to $.25!  I stock up on them whenever I see them!

Of course, taking a Christmas platter to someone’s house in mid-July just doesn’t work.  So here’s my solution: scrapbook paper.  It works like a charm!

The paper and the tray

Trace the base of the tray onto the back side paper, then cut it out

Place in the bottom of the tray and Voila! (notice that it doesn't have to be a perfect fit, just push it on in and smooth out the edges)

I glued this one since it was slipping around

When using platter for "juicy" things like watermelon or berries, top the scrapbook paper with a layer of wax paper also cut to fit the base of the platter...it'll keep things from soaking through, but still shows off the paper


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  1. the berry shot has awesome lighting!

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