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Oh man, I’m so happy! It’s done; it’s in place; and it is GORGEOUS! I’m so insanely excited about how the sideboard turned out.  I definitely made some beginner mistakes, and it most certainly isn’t perfect, but I really don’t care because it still looks AMAZING!  You’d never guess I only paid $40 for it! SOOOO HAPPY!

The way it fits into the dining room is just amazing – and it perfectly accents the two etchings that have been passed down through the family for centuries.  They’re amazing pieces that I ended up with, and had them framed and properly tended to (I found an amazing framing guy when I was living in Los Angeles, and used him for all of our framing projects – even after we moved up to Oregon). I did some research on them, and it turns out that they were engraved by a famous British engraver named Francis Vivares, one of them in 1771, the other in 1769.  Pretty crazy.  I don’t think they’re worth a whole lot, especially since they’re not in perfect condition, but they’re definitely cool pieces.  And, as I’ve done more research, I’ve discovered that the View of Naples was once exhibited at the Smithsonian….aaah, I love treasures!

I found the round mirror at TJ Maxx for $60. I love my deals!

Next week I’ll be reorganizing the bar, and figuring out how to set it up so that it’s more organized and easily accessed.  Up until today, the coffee maker was stationed there, but I’ve moved that into the kitchen so that it’s more accessible.  Not sure what it needs, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

note Jeffrey's wood sign...a tribute to his college days. Yes, I have it hanging in my house. NO, I have no idea how I'll explain it to Ellie


My next big mission for this room is to find a table that isn’t destroyed (Jeffrey’s former 3 huskies decided to leave their marks on it).  I keep a tablecloth on it at all times, and we’re ready for something a little more grown up – and “ours.”  Plus, we need something bigger.  We host so many dinners here, and always have to squeeeeeeeeze in.  I’m sure something will come our way…I just need to keep my eyes open and my mind creative!



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  1. The new buffet looks great! Any mistakes aren’t even visible. So where did you move the old one to?

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