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Gum Paste Daffodils

The time spent creating in the kitchen with Ellie Graye is my favorite.  Cooking, baking, or decorating becomes exponentially more complex when a 3.5 year old is bouncing around, grabbing tools, pouring salt in unexpectedly, or just simply asking, “Why?” over and over, but I don’t care. It makes my heart happy – and she likes it too!  If this girl doesn’t know how to cook and serve dinner for 20 people by the time she’s 10, I’ll be shocked.. We’re always talking about ingredients and what flavors complement each other and chemistry and design and color mixing…and sculpting.

As I dive in to prepping for our “Simple” Easter Party, Ellie is right by my side. “I can help ya!” she repeats over and over.  So yesterday, that’s what she did.  First we made a small batch of sugar cookies (I’ll make another batch after she heads to school today), and while she painted on the royal icing, I broke out the Gum Paste and started to work on the flowers that will top the cake. She had some fun with her own gum paste as well, and was eager to learn some of the techniques that I pretend to know.

The flowers themselves are actually fairly easy to make, but make a pretty impressive display once finished and painted with food coloring (which I have yet to do). I used a Wilton flower cookie cutter for the basic shape, using the handle end of a paintbrush to add ridges. The cup is pretty self-explanatory.  I started with a small ball, then shaped it into a tear drop and used the end of a larger paintbrush to hollow out the center. I let them dry in small pinch prep bowls, and voila. Daffodils.  Next up, the stems.

These will dry for a while, and be added to stems and leaves…

I’m excited about the party, even if I’m not sure I’ll finish everything I’d like to. My decision to keep things small has made it possible to do some of the detail-oriented party planning that I usually have to for-go. Of course, the weather report is calling for rain for the next 10 days, so the Easter Egg Hunt will have to be inside, and I’m not sure what I’ll do with the kiddos for activities, but all that worry disappears simply because Ellie is thrilled that I didn’t cancel, and can’t wait to have her close friends over.  That little stinker makes my world go ’round!

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