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Coffee Filter Flowers

Needing some touches of detail for the decor and buffet tables, I turned to dear old Martha Stewart.  She had some adorable coffee filter bowls in her latest edition of her magazine.  I adapted them a bit, wanting more of a decorative flower than a serving dish…plus things never turn out quite as great as her magazine shows…

I used her same technique, using food coloring and water to create the color I wanted. Quickly dipping the edges of a stack of coffee filters into the dye, then allowing them to dry upside down in another bowl, gives an amazingly “real” look to the petals.

When it came to making the flowers, I layered the coffee filters more, using clear rubber hairbands to secure them together. After they dried I separated the layers and ruffled them to create more of a “peony” than a daffodil.

Using some small bowls I found in the clearance section of IKEA years ago (they were $.19 a piece!), I now have adorable little bowls and serving dishes for jelly beans, nuts and who knows what else!

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