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Enjoying Outside

I’m loving the unseasonably warm weather that we’ve been having here.  Days like these are the reason why we tolerate the nastiness of Oregon the rest of the time. The weather report says the rain comes back and the temperatures drop next week, but that’s next week, not this one, so we’ve been spending as much time as possible outside in the sunshine!  Ellie loves being able to run around barefoot, climb on her play structure, play in her play house, and ride around on her scooter. It’s most definitely a challenge to get her inside for dinner and bath and bed time – especially with the sun still shining at 8 pm!  “But it’s still light out, Mommy!!!!”

The vegetable garden is finally starting to see some sprouts. The asparagus is always the first to pop up, and I’m in love with its fresh spring flavor.  

New apple trees...I"m not sure why they got planted so deeply....

Flowers are blooming all over the place, which makes being outside even more spectacular!

My favorite poppies - they don't look real! They look like coffee filter flowers

I can have fresh flowers in the house now, and Ellie and I have spent loads of time filling our arms with bunches of flowers and arranging them in vases.  She actually has quite a good eye, and definitely gives me her opinions about where flowers should go.

Ellie's arrangement

The first peonies (I'm not sure how many I'll have this year since I lost so many plants last year from too much rain

My latest craze has been using placing bunches of herbs in vases…they are so hearty, make the house smell so fresh, and last for ever! I was inspired by this month’s Martha Stewart’s magazine to use simple leaves for decorating, and the herb idea was born out of that…

MS used leaves down the center of a Father's Day table - which isn't exactly practical because of their height...but on a mantle? Looks great!

Chives, Rosemary and Oregano

Sage and our first real rose!

Blossoming Sage and Chives

Having people over to share in the fun is one of our favorite things to do – especially as a family.  And today was no different, but I’m far too tired to go into it tonight…I’m off to sleep, and will try to post more about that tomorrow……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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