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Whirlwind of a weekend

Where am I? What just happened? Who’d I see?

MY GOD! I can hardly believe I’m not crashed out or curled up in a ball somewhere…this was a total nonstop weekend, no doubt.  Thursday Ellie and I headed to Oregon’s high desert to visit friends and family in Bend.  I had ulterior motives as well – the Shins, then Tenacious D and then Beck were playing at the ampitheater, and I had tickets!

We checked at the Oxford Hotel in downtown Bend (great little boutique hotel that has amazing service, spacious rooms, and the perfect location), then headed over to Uncle Brian and Aunt Julie’s place (my best friend Renee’s brother and his wife…they may as well be my bro and sis).  Ellie played with their two kids for a bit, then we headed over to Renee’s OTHER brother’s house for his daughter’s birthday celebration.  Ellie was happy to discover a playmate there, and soon was running around like a maniac playing tag.  Long story short, we had a great weekend in Bend, though due to a sore throat and cold, I ended up not making it to either the Shins or Beck…oh well. Jeffrey did join us for one night and brought Ellie back with him.

In a move totally out of character for him, Jeffrey decided to invite some friends over for a Memorial Day BBQ, which is one of the main reasons I ended up missing the Beck concert and coming home early.  Nothing like some last minute preparations for company!  It was definitely a bit chaotic, and while things weren’t perfect, I think we all had a good time.

My favorite moment of the whole weekend came when Ellie and I were out in the garden cutting flowers.  I was cutting long stems since they would be going into arrangements, and she looked at me and said, “Mommy, can I please have lowercase flowers, please?” Yes, indeed, she wanted shorter stems. So darn cute how she puts concepts together!

Anyway, here are some highlights of the day……….and the flower arrangements


Little Lulu

I took photos after everything had been moved from its original spot, but whatever...it's still cute, I think

My sister Rose made this yummy banana chocolate cake for Grandpa Ed's birthday

Lulu chowing on a S'more

Peonies and Roses



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