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Ellie’s Creative Spot

It’s funny how things come about sometimes…especially with a smart, spirited little 5-year-old girl around. For instance………….

Last week,  Ellie’s behavior took a turn — for the worse.  I have no idea who or what took over my sweet, witty child, but let me tell you – it was NOT pretty. After trying the usual consequences and disciplines, I had had ENOUGH! After her throwing one too many fits and destroying one too many toys, I informed her that the next consequence would be that every single one of the toys in her room would be packed up and disappear. She didn’t believe me, and the next thing I knew I was hauling all her things into the living room to be packed.

This did NOT have the effect I had hoped it would. In fact, within minutes, she was helping me – happily reminding me of toys that were tucked away in this spot or that spot, and reminding me that there were toys in the living room underneath the coffee table.  I had no idea what to do with this child…but I couldn’t stop, and so she went to bed in a bedroom void of toys…but oddly full of smiles. When she woke in the morning, she was still unfazed, and while her behavior didn’t necessarily improve, she kept expressing how much she loved her “clean room” and how now she had room to “run around.” I’m still not sure whether or not she was just trying to get my goat or if she genuinely was happy about the lack of entertainment.  That being said, with some modifications to her schedule and activities, her behavior HAS improved and quite frankly, the lack of toys has been the farthest thing from difficult to manage.  She now spends most of her time drawing, writing and reading quietly in her room – rather than hauling her toys into the living room and spreading them all over.

The lack of clutter has, however, highlighted the need to put some finishing touches on her room – she picked out a rug from Pottery Barn Kids that she LOVES – and she has decided that she wants to “earn it.” She’s gonna have to work pretty darn hard and butter up more than just me to get it – I told her she might have to call in some favors from Santa Claus!



With her using her desk so much, I realized that  kindergarten is just around the corner, and she’ll be needing a good, quiet space to read and write and study – not to mention a place to hang her artwork. And so my next project was born….a place to hang all her awesome artwork and future homework.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and so was she! She loved having all her art supplies right there on her desk, and was so proud of the things she chose to display!  She even wrote a little “book about Friendship” to hang!



The artist hard at workZSC_1820

I started with an $8 cork board from Target and a piece of material from my fabric cupboard (it happens to be the same fabric I used to cover her chair).



I then used the staple gun (with light-duty staples) to secure the fabric to the cork.


you can see the random staples along the edge of the frame

Next I attached the decorative nail trim – this stuff is perfect for projects like this.  I’m not a big fan of using it for upholstery as it gives a “homemade” feel to larger pieces of furniture, but for projects like this, it makes things SOOOO much easier.  You only have to put in an upholstery nail every few inches, and it keeps the nails even.



After nailing in the trim, I flipped the board over and stapled finishing board along the edges…this covered the points of the nails that were poking through the other side, and gave a decent looking finished edge on the back side.  I like a good looking backside. Hee hee.

I buy this at Joann's fabric in the upholstery department along side the Nailhead Trim

I buy this at Joann’s fabric in the upholstery department along side the Nailhead Trim

And that’s it. I hung it, and voila everything is hunky-dory, and I have a happy little girl with a place to display whatever her heart desires!


Buckets are from Target’s $1 bins


I did NOT choose the pink carpet, but it works…one of these days we’ll have to replace it.


2 Comments to “Ellie’s Creative Spot”

  1. Melissa this was so much fun to read! Amazing what I learned from this incident.
    Our kids truly know what they want and how to get it! Thank you for sharing this awesome story and for the great idea’s!
    Love you

  2. HI Ellie and Melissa= My-O-My…. such a big girl room for a very big girl. Looks like you are all ready for school. Love the desk and bookcases. Has me thinking I need to do something in my office to make it more comfortable and not so functional. Thanks for the ideas.

    Hugs and love for all.

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