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The Nursery is Ready!

Our house is kinda silly.  It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but for all its square footage, it’s really only a two bedroom house.  We have the basement which houses my craft room, vodka room (yep……it’s where I do all the infusions), a general playroom type area and a guest room (legally, however, it can’t be considered a bedroom because of the lack of proper windows). We also have the pool house which is where most of our guests get to stay – and one of my favorite places to relax.  This presented a little bit of a challenge when it came to figuring out where to put Baby Banks.  We ended up settling on putting him in the office that is off the living room – far from ideal, but certainly workable.  The doors are dummy doors (they don’t latch), so the dogs can open them very easily; we’re having the door guys change that and I put my little touches to soften things up a bit.  I will admit that I love that we’ll have the sliding glass doors looking out over the lake. I can breastfeed baby boy while looking out on a beautiful view!

The former office has beautiful dark wood paneling, so I needed to keep the decor warm but light.  Inspiration struck when I came across the perfect fabric at Goodnight Room – a local children’s boutique shop.  And so it came to be…..greys and blues and greens and cream would be accented with jungle wildlife.  I decided that draperies were far too big of a project for me to tackle while pregnant, so I did something out of character and had them custom made.  Yeah. I know. Who am I?


Things came together pretty quickly after that. My Pinterest addiction had led me to a fun project for wall art that was a perfect way to include Ellie in on the fun.  We spent a few weekends tackling a canvas at a time.




The process is almost foolproof! First we painted each canvas the color we wanted the letters or shapes to be.  Then we used my Silhouette  machine to cut the letters and shapes out of adhesive vinyl.  After the canvas dried, we placed the vinyl on them and painted the entire thing the main color.  When THAT dried, we peeled off the vinyl and there you have it – perfect little wall art. Ellie loves that she was involved with the artwork in her brother’s room; she even created her own (though I don’t have photos of it yet)!

I also hung Jeffrey’s Donald Duck Rock Climbing frame that I had done years ago for him.  It’s pretty cool to have something of his childhood hanging and part creating of Banks’ memories! And the colors work decently enough!


Not long after ordering the draperies, I found several different fabrics at Joann’s and Portland’s Mill’s End Fabric Outlet that I absolutely loved.  Before I knew it, I was sewing and sewing and sewing and sewing some more!  I made bedskirts and blankets and burp cloths and rail guards. Until finally, everything seemed to be covered.


The dresser is a family heirloom – though I did change the pulls




The queen size bed will be in there until he’s sleeping through the night. Once I don’t have to get up every 3 hours, we’ll put the twin size bed back in, and the lamp won’t be covering the built ins anymore! (You can see Ellie’s rainbow canvas in the corner by the bed)

I found the rug at Home Goods for $150 and it’s the most cuddly, comfy, cushy thing ever. I love it! It’s far more comfy cozy than I thought it would be, and once the queen size bed is out, I’ll be able to put the rocking chair in the corner and it’ll be perfect.

With no closet I was faced with a little bit of a dilemma of where to put his clothes, but the built ins are darn convenient!  I simply removed a shelf and am using a tension shower rod for the few clothes that he has that need to be hung.  There is so much storage in this room, I have more than I need – even with the extra diapers, clothes, blankets and toys!



I found the wood bins at Fred Meyers for $7/each. I love them – I just wish they had had more!


The Burlap elephants and giraffes were a TJ Max find

SO there you have it. The nursery……in pieces!







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  1. What a lucky little boy to have such a wonderful room awaiting his arrival. Lovely, lovely touches to a former office including big sister’s sweet rainbow art work. The best to all of you… jz

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