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Just photos…

Today, I’m just too darn tired to write much…but I think the pictures tell the story – at least enough of it!
Now THIS is a slow start to the day. Ha! But he’s clean!
Nothing like picking up fall leaves!
Where are the geese???
Oh, but here’s a stick!
I would like to have that, please – complete with Mariachi music to dance to!
Thank you, Victor!
Um, who’s taking me for a ride on the tractor?
You really are awesome, Victor!
Amy and Will
Mona, Mia and Zac
Pretty in Pink
Zac finishing the run down the slide
Phew, that was fun!!!
Mia – all giggles!
“I love climbing on these things!”
Distracted by big kids playing!
Look at that ski jump nose!
She loved sitting on the pumpkins
Mommy and Ellie Graye love each other!
Ellie Graye gives Mia a well-deserved hug!
And then they’re off to play!
Mia showed Ellie Graye all the cool things to do…
Yellow lab puppies…she just didn’t want to leave!


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  1. Hey Melissa..It's Dana from Mountain Meadows..Holly's mom. EVERYDAY I look so forward to reading your post. It always brings such a smile to my face. Your little one..EG reminds me of my Holly when she was little. She looks just like you! I also love reading your recipes. So happy all is well. PLEASE keep sharing…Hugs, Dana

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