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It REALLY is fall!

13 October 2009
There’s no more denying it. Fall is here.  The trees in the driveway are the brightest red and yellow, you can see your breath outside, and the rain has arrived!
The front yard is full of fall color!

Dahlias are at the top of my favorite flowers list…I even asked for more for Christmas!
I love this particular dahlia…it’s about 5′ in diameter…

I love the multiple colors that emerge!
Jeffrey took the 7:15 am down to San Jose this morning, which meant waking up at 5:30 or so, packing Ellie in the car, and hitting the road.  With EG having woken up every hour, we both were just wiped out.  But, life doesn’t stop just because you’re sleep deprived, so on we went with our day.  Neither of EG nor I slept after returning to the house from the airport – we just hung out and played…
The vet was out at 9 am or so to check on Frank.  She was surprised by how dirty his sheath had become even in only a few days – he already had a tone of smegma, but I guess that’s just the way he is.  She put an anti-bacterial ointment WAAAAAAY up there, hoping that will get things to settle down.  He had to be drugged, of course, because he won’t let anyone near his wiener if he’s not!  I always feel bad for them when they’re sedated – they’re these huge animals, but become so helpless!  I was able to lunge Avdou for a bit while I was keeping an eye on Frank.  Scott, the guy who farms the wheat, was able to flatten out a riding area for me that will work until the heavy rain comes, and it makes such a huge difference when I’m working the boys!
He looks emaciated from this angle, but I promise it’s more the lack of muscle…vet agrees!!!!
I took a bag of Quince from our tree over to Farra – our neighbor just to the east of us.  I hadn’t ever met her, but had spoken via phone to her several times in regard to the horses, as well as a few times when I was searching for Boots and Jax.  She is also a SoCal transplant, but is my mother’s age.  The place was set up as an equestrian center before they bought it with a barn, covered arena,  and multiple pastures.  I believe th

ey have tried to find boarders, but there are so many options out there for full-care, most people choose that over an unmanaged barn.  The aspect of their farm that fascinates me, however, is not so much the horses as their kiwi berries. Yep, and they’re exactly what they sound like.  Kiwis that are the size of berries, and have no annoying skin to peel!  So, in exchange for the quinces, I got about a pint of their yumminess…I have no idea what to do with them – so take a whild guess what I’m going to try? Yep. You got it.  Kiwi Vodka.  Farra had me try an incredible salsa that was spicy, sweet, and sour, but said it’s a secret recipe!  She also gave me some of her minted pear butter that is to DIE for.  I had a good visit, and will try to keep that connection open and friendly!  I could see spending time with her, and asking a lot of questions! She seems to have a good amount of experience and knowledge in many different areas…she also said I might be able to use the covered arena during the winter months!

Ellie Graye and I did make a visit to the pediatrician today just to check that I hadn’t missed any PHYSICAL symptoms for her sleep issues – like an ear infection, or a sore throat or what not…the nurse drew blood to check to see if she’s anemic as that can often be the cause of night terrors and wakings.  It’s hard for me to accept that it could actually simply be a behavioral issue…the thought of that makes me feel like such a failure! It definitely helped talking to Dr. Cannon about it, though.  She totally understood what it feels like to be an “expert” and then not have positive results in your own children – there’s an element of “shame” involved with that (as there must be even when mothers/fathers AREN’T experts – when your child isn’t following the paradigm of what “should” be happening or accepted behavior or developmental stages there’s a huge amount of pressure to explain WHY or fix it).  When the answer isn’t easy to find, it’s easy to internalize that as failure.  The reality is, however, that I’ve been doing the best I can with the situation I have, and the knowledge I have.  I’m working on being compassionate toward myself, and accepting that even if I have all the experience in the world – it’s ok if I didn’t have the results I had hoped for!  So, here’s to a working on a new attitude when I’m faced with Ellie’s restlessness!
I drove to the doctor’s office in my new car….that I absolutely love!!!!! It’s huge, but doesn’t feel as big as I thought it would.  I definitely feel like I should have 10 kids jumping out of it, but the practicality of the car is just awesome.
The beast in our driveway
odd angle, but she’s pretty!
I was able to sneak out to the garden today for a very short while.  The weather has turned, so Victor decided to harvest all the tomatoes, and let them ripen indoors.  We’ll see how that works out.  I have no idea if it will or not.  I haven’t yet consulted my handy-dandy country living reference book.  Victor also erected both the walls for Jeffrey’s office.  I am constantly amazed by that man.  He is the epitome of the phrase, “don’t work hard: work smart” – the things he manages to do all by himself blow me away!
While we’re on the topic of Victor – their family is really absolutely incredible.  He and Lorena have given so much, not only to Jeffrey and I, but to my entire family (brothers and mother alike).  Watching them with Ellie Graye emphasizes how incredibly blessed we are; my heart is sincerely filled with gratitude for having such amazing people to watch over, guard, and love our daughter. They really do love her like she’s their own…Ellie loves to go with Victor to give the horses their evening dinner…

I’m beat, and crossing my fingers that Ellie will sleep through the night…but am realistic that from here on out, I have to follow my own rules – ALL THE TIME!  So here’s to sleep training my own child…and if it doesn’t work, well, we’ll try something else! 🙂
Our little blanket ghost

Here I am!

She loves her blanket – but only wants to wear it like a cape! 

Boots in all his glory
My scarred little darling!


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