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Los Angeles – Day 1

16 October 2009

Aaaah, the joys of traveling.  After having gone to bed rather late last night (it was nearly 1 am), I had a wonderful night’s sleep…apparently too wonderful.  I was supposed to pick up Victor and Lorena at 8 am so that I could leave for the airport at 9:15.  Oops. I woke up with a start, looked at the clock, and OH MY GOD!!! IT WAS 8:20!!!!! 
I jumped out of bed, and hurriedly made Ellie Graye a sippy cup of milk, changed her diaper, and jumped into the car.  I decided that Victor would have to feed the horses, so I sped over to their house and picked them up.  Upon returning to the house, I discovered that the reason the red suitcase had been hidden in the shop was because the wheels were broken, and the retractable handle sticks…which meant I had to switch to the pink suitcase which is coming apart at the seams. Yeah. I think I need new luggage!  By the time I got out of the house, I hardly had time to say good bye to Ellie Graye – not that she realizes that mommy’s going to be gone for a few days, not just a couple hours…but I did want a little hug from her!  I’m super excited to be in LA, but there’s this craving to hear her little voice and feel her little arms wrapped around me.  It’s almost like cravings for food…that’s the best way for me to describe it.  It’s physical desire to be near her more than thinking about wanting to be with her.  I’m happy to be gone, but my body wants to touch her and hold her.  Does that make sense?  I can’t seem to articulate the sensation.

Anyway, I got out of the house at 9:21 – 61, picked up my prescription, got coffee, and WHAM! hit traffic.  I still managed to get to the airport at 10:15 – flight was at 11:15.  I parked in Long-Term parking (Jeffrey will pick up the car tonight), and headed to check in at Southwest…I so wished that I had been able to pack lightly and just do a  carry-on, but then again, that would have meant I wouldn’t have been able to bring all my infused vodkas for the weekend!  When I walked through the doors – holy crap!!! – the line was INSANE!  The same thing happened the last time I took this flight down to San Jose…realizing there was no way I’d make my flight if I stood in that line, I headed outside to the sky cap whose line was long, but at least a little shorter…I was still standing there waiting to check my bags at 10:55 am.  Thank GOD for my Southwest Companion pass that lets me cut through the express security line…I was frantically sending text messages as they searched my bags.  I ran down to the gate just as the Bs were loading – plenty of time! I realized I could have walked – no panic attack had been necessary!  

I slid into a window seat in 8C, and took a deep breath. HOLY CRAP! WHAT THE HELL??? The guy sitting in the aisle seat REEEEEEEEEEEKED of beer.  I swear he must have gone straight to the airport from the bar.  I could practically get a buzz off  of the fumes exuding from his pores!!!  

I pulled out my sudoku and buried my nose in the binding…as we took off, I snapped a few pictures of the view – I always try to see the farm when we leave, but I couldn’t pick it out today. It still was beautiful, and seeing Mt. Hood always gives me chills…I love Oregon!  

Landed, and got my rental car and headed to the market to buy food to make dinner for Gina and then headed over to Renee’s and started some taco soup…one of these days I’ll post the recipe!
Deer Park Farms contribution to Renee’s house – vodka, pickles, and jam! 
Soup’s on!!!

I did drive up Crescent Heights and take a photo of our house…
I think we should kick our renters out and move back in! I LOVE this house

We waited for Amy to snag a cab from downtown, and then we headed to Bar Lubitsch to meet up with a few other friends.  
Renee just home from work – having a Deer Park Wild Cherry Martini

Gina enjoying a plum martini!

There was something so comforting about walking up the street with my closest friends…old and new.  Amy fits right in with everyone, and it was so incredibly cool to show her my old stomping grounds and introduce her to old friends. 
I’m actually laying across the table here!

Juan showed up (with a girl in tow, of course) like he always does.  He is one of the 3 or 4 people I can always count on to make it out when I’m in town.  His 15 minutes of fame on the Bachelorette last season is apparently still ticking…he’s constantly talking about it all…but it was still good to see him.  After 11 years of friendship, we still can banter…and he’s still Juan – a rico suave who really just needs some security. LOVE YOU, BUDDY!  (that’s just in case he reads this – but he won’t!) He will make a wonderful husband for someone SOME DAY – when he finally meets the right one, she’s going to be one lucky girl! But I think that’s quite a long way down the road. 🙂

Tried and true friends…
Our dear friend Scott Nathan joined as well – the girls hadn’t seen him in ages, either so it was nice to reconnect… He’s so fun to talk to – he’s a great story teller, with lots of material to choose from.  He was once commissioned by the Royal Family to photograph Prince Phillip!

I am realizing more and more how many talented, beautiful, loving friends I have!  It’s something that I think was easy to take for granted when I was surrounded by them every day.  There are so many of my friends who are doing things that are really truly impressive!

Scott had fun taking photos of the girls on his Norton outside Bar Lubitsch

Old friends!

We ran into Bobby who directed both seasons of Renee and Shaina’s show Project MyWorld

Shaina’s sister Missy was in town, so great to see her!

Johnny’s happy!

Why are we all paired up? 
Amy, Gina, Johnny, Missy, Shaina, Me, Juan

I love my Silly Gina!

All the girlies

He ruled that corner

My three besties

No better friends in the world!!!

The night ended with a grilled cheese sandwich at Astro Burger…..aaaah, more fun memories in Los Angeles!!! 


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