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Run of the Mill Day

20 October 2009

So instead of writing an epic like I have for the last few postings, I’m just going to put up a whole bunch of photos – mostly of Ellie Graye.  I PROMISE I’ll get back to recipes, etc. in the next few days.  I do have a Halloween party that I haven’t even BEGUN to think about…here’s to hoping that tomorrow will be a cooking day!

The morning fall colors…

She insisted on carrying our wet bathing suits from swimming. She never let go!

The monkey was her favorite toy today…

Boots didn’t find him nearly as entertaining

Loving the monkey!

All smiles

She insisted he sit with her…

a bite for monkey….

A bite for Ellie…

A bite for monkey…

She discovered the cowboy boots Grandma Lene found…
they’re HUGE, but she doesn’t care!

This chocolate lab is so darn tolerant!!!

Jax: “Do I really have to stand here with that on???”



Here, Boots!


They chased each other all over the place!

Ellie laughing at the dogs

Splat!!!!!! Boots still trying to play!

Back at it…

Constant companions

The scrapbook Grandma Phyllis made…

There’s Ellie Graye!!!!


Our George, Gina and Lucy bags!!!

Amy’s: The Grand Barcasse

It’s more of a mud color than this shows…

Mine…the Morpha Bytchan


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  1. Hello, I’ve looked everywhere for the mud colored Grand Barcasse pictured above for my sister. Would Amy be willing to part with it for a reasonable sum? Thanks for your time. Happy Holidays!


  2. Kimmi,
    Email me directly at melissa@deerparkfarms.com and I’ll give you some info on the bags……

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