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Family Day!

8 November 2009
Jeffrey, Ellie and I were all over the place today!  Lots of playing, some shopping, some visiting with friends, and lots of down time!
At Miss Amy’s shop, Bella Bellies

Of course she’s reading the book about animals!

Daddy dragged EG around like this for what seemed like hours!

Reading her Horse Breeds book

I managed to bottle my Red Cabbage Kimchi (yes, I know they normally use napa cabbage), oil my butcher block (I picked up the mineral oil while we were out shopping), dry pumpkin seeds to hull for pepitas, start a bottle of Spiced Pumpkin Vodka, roast a pumpkin and puree it for making pumpkin pie or bread, AND make a delicious dinner of Chicken with Pumpkin-Seed (Pepita) Mole! 

Red Cabbage “Kimchi”

Before oiling…

…after oiling

Drying pumpkin seeds after removing all the pulp

Pumpkin vodka ready to sit for a few months!

Ready to roast in the oven for pumpkin puree

Chicken with Pepita Mole sauce
Having recently decided that football games would be watched only after EG went to sleep, Jeffrey was really exceptionally helpful.  I think he had a taste of what my life is like when he’s gone, and I’m home alone.  It was nice to have him engaged and participating in everything.  I really, really, really am blessed with a wonderful husband…we’ve got a great partnership, that’s for sure!



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