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The Reality of Country Living

23 November 2009
It’s one of those melancholy nights in the country.  As I drove Victor and Lorena home tonight, we spotted a deer on the side of the road that had just been hit by a car.  He was struggling to get back on his feet, but couldn’t.  He was flailing around, struggling to get himself off the road.  I immediately called the sheriff dispatcher who said they’d send someone out.  When I returned 20 minutes later, the deer was still there – calmly laying by the side of the road, watching cars speed pass.  He looked calm, but I know he was in an extreme amount of pain.  I couldn’t keep going.  I pulled to the side of the road and put my hazards on, hoping that animal control would come along soon, and by seeing my car, they’d know where to look.  Ellie was in her car seat, drinking her sippy cup contentedly, so we sat there for another 15 minutes or so.  There was still no sign of the sheriff.  I called again, and the dispatcher said they had sent someone out.  Ellie reached her limit of sitting in her car seat, so I started the car and drove off.  While there was nothing I could do for that poor animal, I felt guilty leaving him to fend for himself.  There’s a big part of me that believes that animals know there’s a caring energy around them – even if without direct interaction.  I drove home with tears in my eyes, wishing I could do more – knowing I couldn’t.
That event colored my night.   Luckily, EG was in a great mood and so silly.  She helped me bake some more pumpkin bread (she stirred her bowl with ice while I stirred the batter).   She’s getting to be such a child – not so much a baby anymore (Thank God)!  We had swimming this morning, and for the first time, she independently followed instructions, jumping from the side as we did Humpty Dumpty.  Usually I have to give her a little bit of a push to get her to jump in.  Kelley would always say she didn’t have her “jumping legs” yet.  She’s getting it!  I still can’t believe the child can swim – in the months since the video below, she has improved more and more.  I know I am constantly talking about her swimming ability, but it truly is amazing.  What amazes me the most is that all babies can do it if given the proper instruction.  It isn’t just that EG has a “knack” for it (though she does) – every child that I have seen follow through with Kelley’s program has figured it out eventually – turning and floating, and learning how to save his/her own life!  What an amazing gift to give!  Moms definitely have a hard time hearing their baby scream…but in my opinion, I’d rather have my baby/child scream their heads off in a lesson every day for 30 minutes than ever have to regret not giving her that skill. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I did just that, and look at EG a few months ago!

See, I told you I’m somber.
So a recap of today: I took EG to swimming lessons, roasted and pureed a pumpkin, made sugar cookies, made pumpkin pie bread, prepared a stuffed pork roast for Saturday’s lunch with friends, made my butter cut outs for Thanksgiving, made maple butter for Thanksgiving, made Jeffrey some Coo-Coo Crazy Pumpkin Pancakes to freeze for San Jose, planted about 300 bulbs (with Victor’s help), comforted a deer, put the finishing touches and packed a wreath that sold on Etsy, and finally, started making Christmas decor for the holiday.  PHEW! I’m ready for bed!
Sugar Cookies – I’m hoping to paint them tomorrow

Pumpkin before it’s pureed

Butter for Thanksgiving

Maple Butter for the Pumpkin Pie Br


Goat Cheese and Spinach stuffed Pork Roast

Rustic Christmas Decor


Stuffing her face with Cucumbers

She loves her Sleep Sheep noise maker!

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  1. Hey M. Couldn't get may last comment to you on the chat box. If your cookies are anything like the ones you made at Halloween….then WOW….they are art work and way to pretty to eat…;).

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