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Too Busy For Words!

24 November 2009
I’ve got too much going on to spend anytime blogging, but I wanted to at least post the photos from today!


Bath after swimming

Play time

Driving the tractor without help…

So much fun!

Watch out, Ellie!

Off to explore

Look what I found!

In between caring for a 16 month old, taking her swimming, getting my eyebrows waxed (yes, that’s the ONE thing I do…no manicures, no pedicures, rarely a haircut – but eyebrows MUST be kept), cooking (Jeffrey came home tonight and will be hungry for lunch tomorrow so I made some yummy Mongolian Beef) , bottling vodka, prepping decor for Thanksgiving, shopping at the market, and preparing food for Thanksgiving dinner, I tried to get the horses some exercise.  It was a miserable failure, as they’re extremely hot and I just didn’t have the energy to fight with them.  Instead, I took the camera and got some photos of the property that I have been wanting to add to my collection…

My favorite spot to gather moss…yes, those are dried, thorny blackberry brambles…

I harvested a little for Christmas decor

One of the trails down into our woods

The creek

The deer meadow

another look at the deer meadow

The back trail to the horses’ stalls

Looking down into the deer meadow

One of my favorite trees on the property…

Heading back to the house, I noticed that a gaggle of geese had arrived, and were hanging out in the crimson clover.  I wasn’t the only one who noticed!

And she’s OFF

With Boots in tow

No more geese sitting in a field!
Today was extremely productive, and now I’m heading to bed so that I can be rested for the next few days! Woo hoo!


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