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Thanksgiving Morning

26 November 2009
After a rough night of EG being up every hour hollering, “MOMMA!!!! GOOD GIRL!!!” I shook off the cobwebs at about 7:00 and headed into the kitchen – not having heard a peep from EG. As I passed her room, I glanced in. Wait. What??? HER CRIB WAS EMPTY!!!!  A fleeting moment of panic set in until I heard a little voice in the kitchen followed by Uncle Jake’s: “No, Ellie. That’s not going to happen! Sorry.” Relief flooded my body.  Walking into the kitchen, the smells of Jake’s cooking greeted me with a vibrant, “GOOD MORNING!” and a little smiling face looked up with a big “HI!”  Any feeling of grumpy exhaustion skipped on out the door, and my morning sprang into action.

Gotta love a brother who’s talented in the kitchen!

This is how Uncle Jake found the Bear this morning…

She loves her Uncle Jake. She also loves it when I give Boots and Jax their treats…

yes, he’s in the air

and she’s watching…

I love this shot! Jax had just given her a kiss!

talking on Skype


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