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I Made It!

10 December 2009
Wow. I did it. I made it through the day, and I even managed to get things fixed and back to working order on the farm!  I’m so proud of myself! Maybe I CAN pull off the country living thing!  My knees are aching from being on my feet all day, and my eyes are heavy – but I did it, and now my husband is home, the baby is asleep, the dogs are cuddled up, and all is well with the world.
On the way home from the airport tonight, Jeffrey asked how my day was.  When I started thinking about everything I managed to fit in, I felt even more exhausted!
The Canadian geese woke me up with all of their honking and screaming and flying and landing – yes, you can hear them flying and landing especially when there are hundreds and hundreds of them.  It’s louder than I would have ever thought it could be!  The other thing that I seemed to have never thought about was how freaking messy those damn animals are.  As I drove across the dam with the horses’ bran mash, I noticed little leaves all over the surface of the ice rink that we call our lake.   As I looked closer, I realized that those little white leaves weren’t leaves at all.  It was goose poop – oh yeah, baby, oh yeah. DISGUSTING!
The horses got their vaccinations this morning.  It was awesome to see Dr. Fisher. I love that man.  He’s just so sweet and kind and oddly magnetic! Plus, he loves, loves, loves my animals – especially my dogs!  I usually feel more confident after a visit from him, and that was certainly the case today.  Boots and Jax were on their best behavior, and the horses both looked great and happy.  I felt like a proud momma hen.  Greg definitely got more of a feel for how Frank is when he’s healthy. He made the comment that now he sees why I was so darn worried: there’s a HUGE contrast between how happy Frank is now, and how miserable he was a month or so ago!  I was happy I got a little Greg time, and the horses got their vaccinations just in time to head over to their new home.
Gabby came in the afternoon and we walked the boys over to 9 Star Ranch.  We turned them out in a pasture, and OH WOW! the party that ensued was just awesome to watch!  Frank was in heaven, running and bucking and playing…I’m not sure that Avdoo really knew what to do, as he’s probably never been in a pasture that big!  He eventually picked up on Frank’s cues, and they performed a little pas de deux for us.  It made me feel so happy to see them running around being horses again.  They didn’t last long though, and soon discovered that there was grass, and decided that it was much better to munch and graze than tear around the paddock like crazed barbarians. We eventually brought them back in, and they had their mash, and are now settling into their new stalls.
That middle pasture is where they had their fun
Really, the horse move was the big event of the day.  Other than that, I learned how to run my well pump, learned a few things about plumbing, got some suggestions on preparing the house for winter next year, fulfilled an Etsy order, went to the market, ran to Target to buy a tiny heater for the pressure tank, picked up my husband for the airport, and customized a few gift baskets for a friend…now I’m more than ready for sleep!
Nighty Night!


That’s one way to wear your pj’s, eh?

helping in the kitchen

Helping in the laundry room


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  1. LOVE the photo of E.G. reflected in the window…just beautiful.

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