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EG's Day at the Barn

18 December 2009
This morning, Ellie Graye came along with Victor, Lorena and I to the barn.  The facility really is perfect for bringing her along.  There’s nothing she can hurt herself on, and since I’m the only one there, if the horses are turned out or in their stalls, there’s no fear of someone coming around the corner leading a horse.  Ellie absolutely loves it.  I’m afraid we have an addict already.  She’s chosen Rosebud, the 2.5 year old quarter horse owned by the girl who lives on the property, as her favorite.  Which means, we’re not allowed to give any of the other horses food.  It was ALL for RB.  I gave her a fly mask and halter to carry around, but all she wanted to do was feed RB a single stalk of hay at a time.  So darn cute.

Signing her own version of “Please” for something, not sure what

on her way back to the feed stall for more hay for RB

Filling the feed cart…one stalk at a time

Telling me that we need to put more shavings down

Ok, let’s get ‘er done!
I love that she has this opportunity to grow up in the country, surrounded by animals, and experiencing the simple joys of farm life.  I want her to be involved with all aspects of the care of the garden, the animals, the preserving, and the giving.  I don’t want her to be afraid to get her hands dirty, and I want her to know the value of hard work and the sense of pride that comes along with it.
I’m so grateful for every opportunity that I have been given to provide my daughter with a life that taps into the very essence of humanity, and will hopefully give her an appreciation for life.  My husband sacrifices so much to provide us with our beautiful life, and I know that one day we’ll all be able to enjoy it together…
Ok…enough sappiness – it’s been a long week, and Jeffrey doesn’t get home until tomorrow but he’ll have lots of time with us over the holidays! Woo hoo!


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