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Days Go By

23 December 2009

I’m tempted to say that time is speeding by, but it really isn’t.  I’m just busy.   When I think of everything I fit into one day, it hardly seems like the time goes by fast.  I think about the day and think, “Wow! That was only this morning? It feels like ions ago!”  For example, Jeffrey left this morning for a day trip.  I just got a text message from him saying that he had landed, and was on his way home.  It feels like he was gone for a week, not 16 hours.  It’s kinda remarkable – somehow I think I might have more hours in my days than the rest of the world.

The other day my mother called to catch up and asked me if I had gotten some rest as I “sounded good.”  After a long pause, I realized that I couldn’t remember – I had no idea.  Had I slept?  She, of course, couldn’t stop laughing. “You don’t know if you’re rested?”  Ha. Nah, sleep is like food.  I get it when I am at the point of dying without it.
Obviously, I haven’t written anything for several days.  My father was in town until this morning (again, it feels like he was here months ago, not hours ago); we had such a fun, relaxing, joyous visit.  Ellie Graye quickly got attached to him, calling for Ga-Ga when she woke up in the mornings.  I’ve always suspected that Dad would be an awesome grandfather – especially when the kids were old enough to play with (I think he’s like me, he’ll hold and spend time with babies, but it’s the interaction that comes when they’re older that gets fun).   He looked awful comfortable with Baby Sydney hanging out in his arms though!
Talking to each other through the mesh

Pinching the cheeks

Baby Syd was copying EG!
We had a family dinner with dad last night (I made rosemary-garlic lamb chops and chicken with my seasoned wild rice and Jake’s asparagus), and enjoyed the rare event of all of us being in the same house as our dad.  We’ve gotten lucky with mom – dad’s a bit harder to get out of the snow in Wyoming!
Dinner was, of course, a riot with plenty of back and forth, sarcasm, wine, and ring tossing.  Yeah. Welcome to dinner with the Carveys/Papens

Dad with his four kids.  Hannah and I ALWAYS end up matching – kinda funny

Making dad faces!

We ended up having just a wee bit too much fun….a wine glass got sprayed all over the floor…

I still don’t understand how Jeffrey got the wine to splash so darn far!!! White wine and Folex took the stains out, thank goodness!
Having the cousins meet was lots of fun.  Ellie Graye didn’t know what to do with the fact that there was a baby in the house.  She wanted to be as close to the baby as possible at all times.  She kept saying, “Baby! Baby!”  She really was sweet and loving and shared all her toys remarkably well.  She just didn’t understand why Baby Sydney didn’t want her ducks! The cuteness was just all over the place, so pardon me while I do a little bragging via photos about the next generation of Crazy Cousins!
The Cousins’ first meeting. EG backed up and sat down in Auntie Hannah’s lap

EG brought her this toy…

Giving baby Syd a hug – all her own idea

Watching the baby drink her “meh-meh” (EG’s word for milk)

Trying to put a “blanket” on Syd

Playing peek-a-boo with Grandad

The two cousins

Sydney has quite the following.  Jax was her protector, for sure!

The new Mommy

Ok, seriously – those eyelashes are insane!

EG brought Syd her ducks…good sharing, baby bear!

the girls

Chilling together


Life hasn’t stopped on any other front, just because family is in town – but it certainly has a different focus.  As an update, the horses are doing fantastically and are loving being in a good exercise program. I can hardly walk from riding on Saturday.  Both the boys were spectacular, and it was spectacular to ride in an arena with real footing!
Boots is doing ok, though he has moments of what seem like agonizing pain.  He has another acupuncture appointment on Christmas Eve, so he’ll be feeling good again in a couple days.  Both the dogs have been inside, so they’ve put on a few pounds – just like the rest of us!
I’m so behind on Christmas Baking, that I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to pump out some scrummy yummy sweets…
For now, it’s off to visit the sugar plum fairy!
This just cracks me up. A total fluke.  Boots is behind EG – the dogs were rough housing while EG played! Hee hee

Dad brushing up on his Spanish

The munchkin in the Carvey basket from Big Sur days

watching a program on cats…
If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!
The hair, Ellie!!! WOW!


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