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Merry Christmas!

25 December 2009
Ok, so all that paranoia about the “Spooky Package” was completely for naught. Turns out that all my suspicion about some other blogging lady who was jealous about how freaking cool my blog is, and was trying to poison me was just that: paranoia.  The reality is that my dear father ordered it for me.  They
re curry leaves and seeds so I can grow it myself.  Why? Well, Jake loves cooking with curry leaf, it’s really hard to find, and it became a running joke while dad was here that whatever we were eating wasn’t perfect because we didn’t have curry leaf…well, apparently, Dad did some research and found some guy in Kingston, NY who grows curry leaf.  SOOOOOOO that’s the origins of my supposed stalker.  Simply dad trying to follow up for the ultimate punch line….it worked, Dad, it worked!
As far as Christmas goes…aside from telling you that you HAVE TO — I mean HAVE TO — try my gingerbread coconut cheesecake…I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

this was something I thought of in the middle of the night…it was so yummy


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  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday! Beautiful photos!

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