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Idle Hands…

Ok, so I’m definitely convinced that the busier I am, the happier I am.  Today was a non-stop day, and I feel so much better than the days when I’m home, but with no clear focus.  I’m sitting, watching a fire burn in the fireplace, feet up, Boots cuddled up in the chair next to me, and just feeling fulfilled…quite the contrast to last night’s attitude!  Aaaah, it is true that idle hands are the devil’s handiwork! 🙂
Ellie woke the house up this morning and got us moving by about 8:30.  We had a good time being a family together as we ran errands and prepped for the day.  There was an excursion to the barn, time outside, and some football target practicing…

Quite the contraption, my darling!


She found her old walker, and really wished she were small again!

Uncle Jake and Luke were working on Daddy’s office, but she thought maybe Jake knew where to turn the water on!

The beautiful sky

The dogs following
Knowing that our dear friends Tim and Pilar were coming over for dinner, I started the crock pot with a concoction I had formulated when I was trying to recenter last night: pork carnitas!  It was so freaking delicious that I’m not sure I want to share the recipe!!!!  It might take some convincing!  Dinner was fantastic (carnitas, salad with chile vinaigrette, black beans that we grew here at DPF, my Cheater’s Chipotle Rice, and condiments) but the company was even better.  It has been so long since we hung out with Tim and Pilar that having them here really reminded me why we gravitated to them during our birthing class (speaking of which, I can’t believe she’s preggo with a second kiddo!).  The kids had a great time playing and interacting, and we parents had a good time catching up!
He looks so much like daddy, but with mommy’s olive colored skin!
she loves to fly…
she loves to swing…
she loves her daddy, too
My future chef
Uncle Colin, Uncle Jake and long-time friend Luke Maschmeyer came over to work on the office out in the shop.  They got the ceiling/insulation put in, and seemed to be working for ever!  EG and I went out to offer them some support and beers, and EG insisted that Uncle Jake take a break from working and pretend to be a horsie…aaah, the joys of having a toddler around!
Just starting!

Colin using his feet to lift up the insulation?!?! Lord Almighty, it’s amazing no one got hurt!

her reaction when he untied himself!

The dogs found a mouse up the tube! 🙂


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  1. Great way to explain it. Can’t say more than to appreciate what you are penned down. can you show how to grab your rss feed? I couldn’t find how.

  2. Ronna,
    You’ll see the “Subscribe RSS” at the top of the right hand column! Glad you enjoyed!!!

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