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Garden Planning

19 January 2010
I spent most of the day sitting in bed, and trying to relax and rest, but wasn’t quite been able to do that.  I have had a million things that have been hanging over my head, and instead of sleeping, I attempted to get them all done. 

Getting prepared and planning for the vegetable garden had been bouncing around in the back of my mind, but hadn’t managed to get crossed off my list until today.  We’ll start planting indoors at the end of February/beginning of March, so ordering the seeds was something that needed to get done.  Last year I used http://www.vegetableseed.net/ with a reasonable amount of success, so this year I’m doing the same.  The seeds come in tiny plastic bags with a small piece of paper identifying them.  It made it difficult for Victor to know what was what, and without directions on when, where and how to sow them, we had to do some guess work.  Probably wasn’t the easiest way to plant our first garden, but I think this year we’ll both be a little more aware and certainly more educated.

Victor has been reading a lot about how to plant, maintain, and harvest; it’s nice to see him take such pride in the farm.  I’ve done some research as well, but it’s funny, I feel more scared this year than I did last year…I keep wondering if we’ve done the right thing, if we’ve prepared properly, or if we completely destroyed the beauty of the DPF floral garden that was here when we moved in.  We’ll see.

The bulbs that we planted in the fall are already peeking through, and that makes me a bit nervous.  It’s been a rather warm winter, and I’m not sure that we’re done with the freezing weather.  I just hope that we don’t lose what has already started coming up!  I know last year the crocus flowers were blooming by February, so they’re not that early…but I’m not sure that the daffodils that are coming up would make it through a deep freeze…

the first little bit of color…

There are times that I feel like such a city girl, and this is one of them.  What if the summer comes and our garden is just as brown and grey and ugly as it is now??????

These darn poppies were pulled up 2 years in a row…first by Jeffrey who thought they were the biggest dandy lions he’d ever seen, and second by Victor who tho

ught they were thistles! MAYBE this year they’ll bloom

The Dahlia’s aren’t doing so well, but their blossoms are already soooooo fragrant 

Last year I discovered PlanGarden.com, and am excited to use it.  I just have to get Victor on board so that all our data can be correct!  The actual planning graph is so easy to use, and helps with spacing, etc. You can even grab a  a snapshot of your garden plan.

Our still expanding garden plan

We’ll see how things go! I still have to add all the peppers and various other yummy edibles.  We’re also adding a section of corn, squashes, and beans behind the shop…if the deer don’t destroy it!

One of the other items on my list that I was able to accomplish today had to do with the property as well: moss gathering.  Since it wasn’t raining, I used the opportunity to head out on a good walk to harvest moss for all my creations.  It’s a good way to clear my head, as well.  The fresh, clean air helps me breathe and refocus on what’s important (I have to admit, that’s something I’m struggling with right now).  I found a great little nook with lots of well woven moss sheets that came up cleanly and easily.  Next step is to leave it upside down outside so all the bugs crawl out, then bring them in to dry before it’s ready to use.  

believe it or not, but underneath all those brambles is beautiful green moss

The moss grows in one of the most beautiful spots on the property: the “forest”.  There are several acres of the land that have been pretty much untouched aside from the trails that wind through it.  There is a stream that flows through, gorgeous greenery, old trees – it’s just spectacular.  It’s also incredibly wet. Much of the lower areas are “wetlands” and can be a bit treacherous to wade through, but well worth it for the smell of soil and gr

owth,  the cleansing sounds of the rushing water, and the intensity of the greenery. I’m so glad I brought the camera along and shot just a few of the multitude of amazing spots.

This struck me as beautiful

what’s left of the tree that fell

Apparently this clay pigeon was shot in half, fell to the ground, but managed to stand up. What are the chances of that!


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