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The Sun makes Such a Difference!

26 January 2010
It’s amazing how a little bit of sunshine can help change moods, huh?  Waking up to patches of blue sky, dry ground, and the smell of spring in the air just made things seem a bit more tolerable.  Flowers are peeking out everywhere, and lift just seems more tolerable.


No Idea what these are, but I love them


Ellie Graye was rearing to go…begging for us to open the door, trying her hardest to do it herself.  Once Nana got here, and we all settled into the routine of the day, they went outside and enjoyed the sunshine, some football, and the geese…

She went into the shop with purpose, and hunted down one of Daddy's footballs

and headed straight to his practice bucket...she got frustrated when she couldn't quite make the ball into the target...poor baby

Jeffrey was able to postpone his trip down to San Jose again – which in addition to having a sunshiny day made me feel a little more upbeat.  It’s almost like we’re a normal family!  Ellie’s still not feeling well (and on top of it, she has two teeth coming in on the bottom), so we had a cranky bear on our hands.  I was glad to have someone around to help when I was at my wit’s end.

Snack Time

Our little bug

Daddy and Ellie Graye

Dinner tonight was grilled Garlic-Ginger chicken with Orzo and Green Beans along with Salad, Broccoli, and Grilled Zucchini – LOTS of green!  The Orzo must be tried as it’s simple, clean, and works with all sorts of different additions (my favorite being with Grilled Chicken that’s been rubbed with my DPF Herb Rub that’s available by special request. Hee hee!). I haven’t added any recipes lately, so maybe I’ll post the Orzo tomorrow.

For now…let’s hope for sunny skies.  I’m much, much happier when the sun is out!


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  1. Love you blog! You are SO creative. Your mystery plant is Japanese Andromeda…love those too!

  2. by the way…EG is adorable!

  3. Beautiful plants! I agree, things are much better when the sun is out! Question: in all your vodka experiments, have you ever put lemongrass in vodka? I’m curious! ^_^

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