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The Race is On……

31 January 2010

Ok, so I just took a pain pill – the one the neurologist prescribed to help with the nerve issue I’m having in my leg – so it’s a race to get this post done before I’m….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…sawing logs.

The problem with skipping posts day after day is that catching up is almost impossible! The reality is that it’s easier to post when I’m slammed without a moment to myself than when my days are relatively slow and calm.  Thank goodness I carry the camera around all the time, because on nights like tonight, I can resort to photos.

I do want to find time to write.  I have a million posts floating around in my head.  I want to write about Julie and Julia (the Julia Child movie); I want to write about the horses; I want to write about my hip; I want to write about my wonderful mother.  All of that will have to wait until I’m not drugged up, and I’m feeling the inspiration (usually when I’m totally exhausted from a full day).  This week will be full, so maybe it’ll happen sooner than later.

I’ve got recipes that I need to type up and enter, and tomorrow I’ll be starting the planning of our super bowl menu…I know, I’m totally last minute! 🙂 Not usually me, so I think I can cut myself some slack!


Calmly sitting ready to be pushed around the house at a run!


Boots actually doing what she says and JUMPING!

Running from Jax

Giving the dogs their treats???

If she's like this in the country - what would it have been like if we had stayed in LA????

Doing her chores

Frank, Avdoo and I heading out to pasture

My "little" baby - he's at least 18 hands!

Running around like madmen together!

I love dusk at DPF

On our last walk around the property before taking daddy to the airport

The setting sun shining on our front field and driveway

The Geese in the morning


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  1. man – your photographic technique has just been getting better and better the last month or so


  2. Ha. I think a big part of it was learning how to use that WB button! It’s much better when I change it manually than using the Auto setting 🙂 – my big brother taught me that!

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