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The things that excite us!

1 February 2010

Ok, so I canNOT tell you how happy I am that I’ve made progress on the website!  The graphics are still temporary, but the fact that it’s not just grey makes me exceedingly happy!  I’ve learned so much about WordPress in the last 24 hours, that I just might be able to run my own site without my brother or my husband (ok, ok, so that’s a stretch, but still I’m learning a LOT).

We’re just beginning to set up the online store so that my products will be available to all of you.  It’s definitely not the primary focus of the blog, but sharing some of the things that make me so happy makes me even happier!  I’m backordered on my jams and my salsas as of yesterday, so I’m desperately needing to spend some time in the kitchen…but that will have to wait until after the Super Bowl.

I can hardly believe it.  I’m considering serving plain ol’ hamburgers and sausages.  Yeah. I know. I doubt anyone will ever come back again they’ll be so disappointed.  That’s the problem with having set the standard way too high.  People expect a certain level of…of…of…what’s the word I’m looking for???? Presentation? Hosting? What is it?  Hell, I don’t know.

What I DO know is that my daughter is irresistibly cute – but incredibly exhausting.  I’m running on 2.5 hours sleep right now since last night she decided that play time was much better than sleep time and when I said “Tough luck” she decided to turn sleep time into scream time.  Wow: the child could possibly, perhaps, maybe, conceivably be as stubborn as I am…but that’s MAYBE.  Oh, God help us if she is!


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