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PHEW! Made it!

2 February 2010

Phhhhhwshhhhhhhhh! The day SPED by – and I have no idea what the hell I got accomplished!  Ellie’s still struggling with that over-active brain at night, so while she might be rested, I’m wiped out. When my alarm went off at 8 am, I thought it was a bird. Yeah. I know. THAT’S how tired I was!

I was thrilled to look out my window and see the sun shining across the lake, and when I opened the curtains and looked out over the front yard, the sun was just breath-taking.  I quickly fed the dogs (so they wouldn’t wake EG), and headed outside.  I managed to grab a few shots of the spectacular beauty – but they don’t really do it justice!

Once I got back inside and woke Ellie Graye up, the day was ON!!!!  We headed out, picked up Victor and Lorena, stopped and turned out the horses (so they could enjoy the sunshine too), prepped a lunch of Mexican lentils for EG, and headed out the door for swimming.  On the way to swimming, I couldn’t help but stop at the vista point on the 205.  Ok, so it wasn’t technically to take in the view, but Mt. Hood DID look spectacular.  So why did I stop?  Well, here’s the truth:

Ellie Graye was eating horse poop.  Wait, what? Yeah. Horse crap.  The stupidity of not having changed her shoes after going to the barn was made abundantly clear for me when I turned around and saw her cleaning them.  Oh! So cute – until she started saying, “YUMMMM.”  I turned around to see her digging her fingers into the tread of the boot, then putting them in her mouth.  Suddenly, I needed to catch a view of Mt. Hood and RIGHT AWAY!!!! 🙂  Oregon History never seemed so important!  Of course, I had to capture it on camera first! 🙂

After swim, it was home, then for a walk with EG to see the loon that was hanging out and diving on the lake.  It was such a beautiful day, I was happy for to soak in the sun and reconnect with the property.  The crocus are everywhere – I love how they bring color to otherwise drab flower beds!

Sooooo…tomorrow I take my dear beagle in for his surgery to remove his anal glands.  I will be so incredibly happy to have them out – no more stinky butt and no more alarm on my phone telling me it has been 3 weeks since I took him to get them expressed! WOO HOO! He’ll be gone until Saturday – so Jax will be spoiled I’m sure.  He had a good day running around outside with us, and even put his two front feet into the lake – something he doesn’t do very often! 🙂  Love that little guy – even if he is a pain in the butt.

The horses enjoyed a wonderful day in the sun as well, and from the looks of it, didn’t stop playing the entire 7 hours they were out in the pasture.  They were drenched in sweat and muddy as all hell!  I had to let them dry once I brought them in so that I could put their rain sheets back on!  I think it’s so good for their minds to be able to just be horses and not be cooped up in the barn the majority of the time!

I finally posted a new recipe today…a bit spicy, but that makes it all the more delicious!!!!! Depending on how things go tomorrow, I’ll see if I can manage to post a few more that I have sitting waiting to be typed up (and then hope that I can decipher my handwriting)!

For now…nighty night!


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  1. Buddy thinks maybe talking about removing anal glands was too much. 🙂

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