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I'm Lucky

5 February 2010

Today was definitely a day that brought a lot of perspective – for multiple reasons.

After turning the horses out for to enjoy the absolutely beautiful day, Ellie Graye and I headed to the vet hospital to visit Bootsie.  He had surgery on Wednesday to remove his anal glands and a growth on his eye.  The last two mornings EG has been absolutely devastated when Boots didn’t come in to say good morning to her, so I figured seeing where he was might help.  We spent some time with him, and gave him lots of lovin’.  Poor guy has barked himself hoarse.  The girls said they had to put him in the isolation kennel because he just would NOT shut up!!!!  Oh man, that makes  me laugh. The damn dog can’t keep his mouth shut….hmmmm…sounds like someone else I know!

On the way back home, we stopped at Wilco to stock up on some necessities that were on sale.  While there, Ellie Graye discovered something that is dear to my heart: Breyer Horses.  She went straight to the shelves, and perused all of them, finally picking out a Bay the looked just like Frank.  She took the box in her arms and started kissing it.  It really was priceless…that is, until I made her put it back.  I think she must have killed every cat in Newberg with her screams.  Oh the joys of toddlerhood!

Shavings were on sale - it's a good thing we have the Suburban now!

This is how I stay thin...constant cardio and resistance training 🙂

The day was just so darn beautiful, despite having loads of things to do for Sunday, Ellie and I couldn’t resist spending time outside.  Yovani was here since he had the day off from school, and we all headed out to soak up the sun.  I enjoyed having flowers to take photos of and the sunlight was just awesome!

The newly emerging Rhubarb

Rhubarb, Moss and Chives

The Papen Family Cock

Later in the day, after the appliance guy came to fix my oven (finally!), I headed over to the barn to bring the horses in.  That’s when the day got REALLY interesting.  I arrived and prepped their food, then headed out to the pasture.  Two of the neighborhood girls were out giving the boys treats, and we had a fun conversation at the end of which I told them to be extra careful with Avdoo siting his sometimes high-spirited frolicking.  I could have used some of my own advice.  Once the girls left, I snapped a quick picture, then put the horses’ halters on. Somehow as I reached for Frank’s lead rope, Avdoo slipped in the mud, pinning me against the fence post and his chest, his 1200 pound body holding me helpless while my right arm was stuck in the gate, hyper-extended.  As he tried to regain his footing, the pressure was horrible.  My brain was racing, wondering how I was going to get him to move backwards, rather than pushing forward like he was doing.  I started yelling, but I knew that no one was on the property.  I didn’t panic, but I must admit that out of all of my scary moments working with horses, this was the scariest.  He couldn’t figure out how to get out of the mud, and I couldn’t move enough to do anything.  Suddenly, Frank who was obviously upset about what was going on, bit the CRAP out of Avdoo’s back  which made him jump, which let me get out of the situation.

Frank immediately came over to me, nuzzling and checking on me as I doubled over.  I immediately called Jeffrey who, thankfully, had come home a day early – the words, “Babe, Avdoo hurt me” were hardly out of my mouth when he said, “I’ll be there in 2 seconds.”

I knew that it was up to me to get the horses back to the barn, as Avdoo is far too much horse for Jeffrey to handle. I also knew Frank wouldn’t cause a problem, so I threw his lead over his neck, put Avdoo in my good hand, and made our way back to the barn.  Frank followed behind us, quiet and calm.  My friend Paula said it best when she said, “You have angels! Today his name was Frank.”

The visit to the ER was surprisingly quick and easy.  We were much relieved to hear that I more than likely just had a moderate to sever shoulder sprain, and had not torn my rotator cuff which would be a pretty severe injury.  The doctor even said I should be better by the end of the weekend!  He did send me home with some pain killers and a sling, telling me to keep it immobile until the pain goes away and then follow up with my doctor if the pain is still there on Monday.  He said if I did injure my rotator cuff, that it would be a mild case and I’d would only require a little Physical Therapy.

I feel lucky. I feel relieved. I feel incredibly grateful to my horse Frank.

Frankie, thanks for reminding me that you’re more than a machine, that you do care, and that we’re buddies.


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  1. Yup! some cool photos in that batch.

  2. Gotta love that Frank! You are blessed.

  3. Wow what a bittersweet story! God job Frank! And what a sweet husband you have!

  4. Glad that you’re ok! Love the photos!!!

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