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SUCCESS!!!!!! Thanks, Jake.

7 February 2010

There are few things in life that I like more than hosting – but one of them is cooking with my brother Jake.  The two of us in the kitchen have a total blast, and are always laughing and challenging each other and sometimes we might even consult each other on a recipe (though we’re both SUCH good cooks, that we don’t REALLY need any help, Right???).  Hee hee.

Last night I couldn’t sleep because of my shoulder, so when I heard Jake arrive (at like 12:30 am) I popped out of bed and headed into the kitchen.  I figured I could at least be productive while I was not sleeping.  We got so much done, but stayed up until we were a little more batty than usual.  Yeah. I know. “Freaks” my Uncle Buddy would say. Honestly, I think I just walked around the kitchen in a daze, saying, “I don’t remember what I was doing” far more than I was actually cooking, but at least I FELT productive!

Yeah, that’s 1:48 AM…
Prepping the killer Cajun and Jamaican drumsticks

“Shredding” the beef for Po-Boy Sandwiches

Jake’s self-portrait in the reflection of the sliding glass door!

When I finally got back into bed at about 4:30 am, I was able to fall to sleep as soon as I put my head on my pillow…I have no recollection as to when I finally got out of bed this morning, but I think it was around 9 or 9:30 am.  And then it was go-go-go-go.  Horses, coffee, a run to the market, picking up Victor and Lorena, setting up, cooking, showering, oh, and keeping an eye on an 18 month old!  Everyone pitched in, and before I knew it, everything was ready, people were arriving, and the party was in full swing.  We had a great turn out – much more than I had expected, and the food got TORN THROUGH!  It really really was a success. Everyone had a blast from what I could see, and though we wished a few more of our good friends could have made it, the ones who came made the day amazing.

The reality is that there is no way that I could have pulled today off without Jake or Jeffrey or Lorena or Victor or Mom…my friend Sharon was laughing at me because I actually HAD to ask for help…she says it’s good for me.  I’m not quite sure of that, but I do know that it was nice to “let go” for at least a little bit and just enjoy! Thanks everyone for being so supportive!!!!

Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! Look at that view!!!!

Extra Sharp Cheddar with my Quince Jelly. YUMMY! Yes, I know that one of the dollops fell on the table cloth…that’s part of entertaining!

Jeffrey came up with the name for this peanut cilantro dip that Mark is addicted to like it was crack. I didn’t get the double entendre until I wrote this post…

I love this of Will! Hee hee

Playing house!


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  1. I love the way Jeffrey’s looking at you in the 7th pic of your superbowl party. Its like he can see down your shirt….

  2. Sarah,
    Only you . . . only you . . . LOL

  3. Ed loves the fact that the game is reflected in the mirror above the couch!

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