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10 February 2010

Well, CRAP!!! I just spent 3 hours trying to get an invoice and a listing of all my products done only to click, “Don’t Save” instead of “Save.”  That’s such a stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID thing to do.  Honestly, they should have me shot for pulling down the average intelligence level of the entire human race.  ARGH!  But, of course, life goes on.

What an absolutely, fantastically, beautiful day today was!  It wasn’t warm, but the sun was shining, and there’s a feeling of expectancy floating around.  The bulbs have shot up, and are just about to burst open.  The highlight of the day for me was being able to bring flowers inside for the first time this year!  I was THRILLED!

Why I love this, I don’t know….but I do!

Anyone know what these are? They smell AMAZING!!!

Flowering Quince

Taken by my brother Jake

First flowers of the year!

Victor transplanted a butterfly bush from the nursery to the flower bed today – let’s see how it does.  I’m not sure he chose the best time to do it…but he’s not one to listen to anything I say so I just usually keep my mouth shut unless it’s something that really matters!

On its way to its new home

Its new home. I hope it makes it!


One Comments to “!@*&#”

  1. Missy, may I call you that?
    You are sooooo hard on yourself. You were obviously distracted, and you just have to laugh about the dumb thing.
    Life has soooo many more Arrrgh! moments. Arrrgh, I hate to think of them , but they’re a’comin my way too. {:-)
    LOVE the floral arrangement.
    How’s the website coming?
    Your drink blingies are darling. What do you use to make them?
    Don’t worry dahling, I’m not going to steal your ideas.
    Blessings, Mary xoxo

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