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Black and White

10 February 2010

It used to be that when people said everything is “Black or White,” I cringed and would mutter under my breath something about life being about knowing how to deal with the grey areas.  Now I’ve come to appreciate Black and Whites – as long as they’re photographs and not morals!

Maybe it’s because it was raining today, but all the photos I took today just NEEDED to be in black and white! 🙂

She looks EXACTLY like my baby pictures! It's almost uncanny!

It's blurry, but I LOVE her expression!!! She was chasing Jax

Grandma Lene and Cassie came over to spend the night

Jax was happy to have a playmate again (Boots has been recooperating at the hospital for the last week)

No idea why she had this expression!

Watching Cassie and Jax rough-house

Holding the picture of Ellie and Daddy...she loves to tell me that they were walking to go see Avdoo!

Last, but not least………. COLOR!


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  1. She is stinky cute-as we say around here!

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