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Shoes, Visitors and the best recipe ever

25 February 2010

What is it about girls and shoes? My daughter is only 20 months old, and she already LOVES shoes.  I found a pair of absolutely adorable little sandals today at Marshall’s, and as soon as I pulled them out of the bag, her face lit up and she started bouncing all over the place.  “Zahs!” she exclaimed (short for “zapatos”).  Even though they’re a few sizes too big, she insisted we put them on immediately, and then had to show them to Boots, then to Jax, then to her baby dolls.  At one point, I caught her standing in the living room, just staring at them.  So freakin’ cute!!!

Her first pair of gold sandals!

She got a new swim suit, too, so she was THRILLED!

Grandma Lene and her dog Cassie came over for dinner and to spend the night.  I’m sure by now you know how much she loves the two of them.  Ellie loves making my mother laugh, and succeeds more often than not!  The dogs were happy to play and entertain her as well! In my opinion, there aren’t many things more heart-warming than watching a child play with their animal friends!

The three friends all tangled up

the dog shouldn't have been on the couch - but it was a good photo opp!

For dinner, I was happy to have an excuse to cook as I have been craving my absolute favoritest dish: Thyme and Tarragon Chicken.  It’s a recipe that my brother handed off to me years ago, but he it got from his friend Monika (the founder of the uber cool Hip Cooks Cooking Schools in Los Angeles and Portland), and she apparently got it from a Jamie Oliver cookbook.  I’ve done so much tweaking to this recipe that at this point, I’m not even sure it’s the same recipe. As an interesting side note, it was after I first made this dish years ago that I decided I wanted to learn to really cook. With this recipe, I discovered that I COULD cook! Now that I think of it, this is yet another thing that my dear brother Jake contributed to my life: he introduced a passion and love of not just food, but of the preparation process!  See, there IS a reason he was my maid of honor (and on a side note to the side note, it was NOT my ex-boss Patrick Dempsey who gave me the idea to have a male “made” of honor…in fact, he stole MY idea for that movie, I should be getting residuals………………..ok, maybe I took that story a little too far.  Let me get back on track).  The T & T Chicken was delicious, and one day I’ll post the recipe.

the last stage of cooking...you have no idea how insanely delicious this smells and tastes...I dream about it!

Victor worked on the office in the shop today, and managed to get a lot done…should be interesting to see how it turns out!  I think I might have to take it over for my crafts room instead of letting Jeffrey use it! Hee hee…


Taking the baby into mommy's room to sleep


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  1. Nora has 19 pairs of shoes! 19! There are never enough shoes!

  2. That chicken does look insanely delish! I think I can smell it!

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