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Today's already over?!?!?

Where the heck did the time go?!?!  I feel like I was just celebrating the arrival of the weekend, and now it’s gone, we’re already through Monday, my husband’s back to work, and things are just a little bit heltzer scheltzer…which means, things are back on track!

Last night we had one of those crazy Carvey productions where everyone comes over, and general chaos ensues: teasing, disorganization, hollering, rough-housing, bickering, and a whole lot of laughter in between.  We were joined by two family friends from years ago, Luke and Charlie Mashmeyer.  I hadn’t seen Charlie since he was about 10, and he’s 25 now, so that was a bit crazy.

This makes me laugh so hard; such Mashmeyer boys.

Jake demonstrating his newest cooking method: pepper ground on everything all at once…

chowing down…

Delicious Appetizers: Polenta topped with Smoked Gouda, Spicy Sausage, Basil, Tomato and Jake’s Chimichurra

Sesame Spinach Pasta Salad

The result of boiling water splashing while I drained the pasta. It’s a lovely blister now!

Aside from the dinner party which was a hoot, the weekend was, as usual, full. We spent lots of time outside, played a lot, and worked a little!

We discovered our neighbor’s gator crashed into one of our maples…then saw their 10 year old friend running the 1/2 mile down our driveway back to the house! SOOOOO FUNNY!

Ellie Graye and her dog

The two farm girls

Cuteness personified

Getting closer to the airplane

Ellie learned how to clean stalls – and even did so while stylishly wearing a beautiful pink floral dress (I could have used a bit of her style sense when as a teen I was forced to wear dresses this long!).  She really loves helping at the barn – and I love watching her!  I can’t wait until we can ride together!!!!

Prepping the morning fee

Why am I still awake at 11:45 pm when I had such a full weekend??? Well…I have to stay awake a bit longer so I can try to wake my daughter.  Wait, what?  Yes, I said I need to wake her up…doctor’s orders.  My darling baby girl decided to follow her friend Jaden’s example and take a shot at crawling out of her crib. My momma-ears somehow heard her wails of fear and pain even though I was outside cutting flowers while the tractors were running as they spread the fertilizer over the crops.  I discovered my poor baby red-faced, screaming, and patting her head as she stood next to her crib calling for me.  That moment of “Who took her out of her crib?” followed by, “OH MY GOD!!!! SHE JUST FELL!!!!” was really just awful.  She had a good hard cry, and we all gave her lots of affection and attention (yes, I skipped my usual, “Can you brush it off?” and went straight to cuddle mode). She talked about it the rest of the day, so I’m hoping it’s a lesson she won’t forget anytime soon.

The crib episode was just part of a beyond hectic day which included, but was not limited to, discovering that Boots had had another seizure at some point in the night, and had pooped, peed and vomited throughout the house.  It really was my fault since I missed two of doses of his medications – so, I guess I deserved stepping in poop as a “Good MORNING, You-horrible-dog-owner-YOU!”  Thank GOODNESS, this time I wasn’t barefoot (pardon me while I vomit a bit in my mouth!).

After taking Ellie Graye to her swim class, there was no other option but to take Victor back to his house to pick up his carpet cleaner so that we wouldn’t have a poop scented carpet as the big welcome for my best friend Renee who was scheduled to arrive from Los Angeles. Lorena was busy cleaning up from the dinner party we had last night, while I tried to get the house guest-ready, and Jeffrey was crazy with work.  Ellie, in the meantime, was supposed to be taking a nap…which is when the scary crib fall happened. It was all just a bit crazy and chaotic!

Aaah, beautiful mantle and nice clean carpet (as a side note, I didn’t pick out the pink carpet…we just haven’t changed it out yet!)

Cherry Blossoms make me happy

I LOVE Hyacinth!

So…in the end…we left the house at 4 pm, dropping Ellie Graye off with Victor and Lorena.  We grabbed a couple turkey sandwiches at Subway, and headed to the airport.  Jeffrey jumped on his flight, and I prepared to wait another 3 hours until Renee’s flight was scheduled to arrive.  Unfortunately, as her plane was taxiing to the runway, there was a loud boom – which meant they headed back to the gate, only to find out that something had broken as they were pushing back, and wouldn’t be able to be repaired in time to get them on their way.  Her flight was cancelled, and she won’t arrive until the morning.  Ha.  DEFINITELY one of those days!  But tomorrow is always fresh and new!  Bring it on!!!! Nothing’s keeping ME down!

NOW….off to check on the Ellie Bear.


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