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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Ellie’s cries of  “MAMA, MAMA, MAMA” couldn’t motivate me to get out of bed at 6 am.  I kept thinking, “She’ll go back to sleep.”  I tried a pillow over my head.  I tried counting aloud. The wails just became louder and louder turning into, “Ma-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”  I finally managed to get my feet on the ground, and with my eyes still shut, I fed the dogs and poured some warm milk into a sippy cup hoping that this little trick would work to get her to sleep just a weeeeee bit longer.  After delivering the morning feedings, the dogs and baby were quiet, so I crawled back into bed…..

Not even 10 minutes later, she was at it again.  This time, there was no calling for me, no calling for the dogs, no asking for books.  It was just a pure, pissed-off, shrill-as-all-hell SCREAMING.  You’d think that since in my previous career, all I did was deal with cranky, difficult toddlers, that I’d have some secret remedy to help keep me patient and calm. Uh. No. I had, just like my daughter, woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

This wasn’t today – but it’s about the same

I did try as many tricks of the trade as I could think of.  But, one thing that I gleaned from my 12 years of toddler-rearing is that sometimes you just have to let them be GRUMPY.  Don’t try to fix it, understand it, condone it, or stop it…just go about doing what you’re doing, and invest in a good set of ear plugs.  If that doesn’t work…then put THEM to work!!!

See! Check her out!  So maybe it lasted only long enough for my camera shutter to close, and then there was something else to scream about – but still…

Cleaning the Floor, at least it wasn't with a toothbrush!!

Packing up Cheerios

Starting the dishwasher

"Cooking" with ice (sorry about the coloring on this, the batteries on my flash are dying)

Of course, life marches on, despite the emotional meltdowns of mothers and toddlers – there are things to be done, animals to be cared for, gardens to be tended, and toddlers to be parented…oh, and areas to be graveled.  At 7:30 am, Newberg Rock and Dirt called to say a truck would be arriving shortly with the load of 3/4 gravel that I had ordered yesterday.  I told him he was just going to have to wait a couple hours because I couldn’t deal with everything I had to do in the morning AND have to instruct him where to put all the damn rocks.  It was THAT kind of morning.

No more mud holes!

Well…almost no mud holes! Next load will fix the rest

Bye-bye, Dump Truck!

After talking and dealing with Gravel Guy, I headed back inside when something hit me.  Last week, Lorena had accidentally sliced her wrist on a broken vase, and had to have a couple stitches.  The ER doctor had told her to go get the stitches removed a week later…and it had been 10 days, and she hadn’t said anything to me.  I asked her about it, and, well, let’s just say I needed to take her in.  So off we went to Newberg to get her stitches removed.  While she was at the clinic, I headed over to Fred Meyer with “the Bear” (this was one of the first times that EG’s nickname actually fit her personality!).  This was when my day started making the turn for the better.  As I headed out to the garden center, a little something caught my eye: a kid size garden bucket on wheels – just like the one I use in the flower garden….just like the one that Ellie Graye tries to haul around.  Ellie about jumped out of the cart with excitement, and I think I might have actually skipped over to it.  I couldn’t resist it OR the plastic garden tools.  My little helper is now fully equipped!  Woo hoo!!!!

After finally finding my happy little girl again, I put her down for her nap and headed out to work with Geekah on the garden.  I can hardly believe it’s mid-march and it’s planting time for the early-spring seeds.  Geekah and I are both still learning about vegetable gardening, and often times we have quite different ideas on how we’re going to do things.  I’m not very good at being a “boss” when it comes to stuff that I don’t have 100% knowledge of, so the relationship between the two of us has been quite a work in progress.  He definitely takes the initiative to do stuff that needs to be done, but sometimes it’s not what I had in mind.  I’m learning to say, “HEY! Let’s talk about that before you do it, huh?”  We had a great planning session about what matters to me, and what matters to him, and I think we reached a good middle ground on what to do. With all that behind us, we headed out to the garden and resumed what we had started yesterday.  We’ve planted our Early Frost Bush Peas, Onions, Garlic, Radishes, Early Spring Spinach, and of course, started later seeds inside.  I LOVE, LOVE reconnecting with the garden, the soil, and where all that yummy food comes from!

The Fall planted Garlic

See my bamboo teepee that I made from Bamboo that I cut from our garden? I'll be making more and using them for our green beans.

I ordered 10 yards of Garden Soil, but it won't be delivered until Monday, so we used a soil that we've been amending in our Nursery

Indoor Starts

Aaah. There’s nothing like the smell of dirt and seeds to refocus and center me!  I feel like I had a productive day after all!


The Cherry Blossom Canopy (it's almost like Anne of Green Gables' "White Way of Delight")

I love our home!!!!!!

No matter how many photos I have of these, I still take more!!! They're so pretty

On our evening walk, we happened upon this little humming bird - these are the most successful shots I've ever taken. The little stinkers move so fast!!!

One of my favorite shots I have ever taken!


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  1. I can think of one solution. Teach Ellie how to get out of bed by herself! heehee! Then she can walk into your room and crawl into bed with you. Are you realdy for that?

  2. Aysha Strausbaugh

    Beautiful story. It is 12:04am…chloie cried for 1 hour almost. Of course with me going in and saying go to sleep darling. Then heading to bed just for a short silence to hear her scream again…Yes I lose my cool, curse some and keep on keepen on. Finally I did rock her for some time, calmed her heart and she is soundly sleeping and I am wide awake. Thank you for this blog. Nice to relate to you and your little one. Just let them be in a bad mood…love that. Aysha

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