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Ok, so look at the top of the page: where the banner is.  Did you notice we changed the background picture?  Isn’t it freaking beautiful?  My brother Jake has been working on this crazy contraption that is basically a remote controlled moving tripod that enables him to take insanely high resolution 360° photographs.  Next time he’s over with it, I’ll have to figure out a way to take a photo of it (he uses the DPF camera to shoot, and we don’t have a second camera!).  Anyway, it’s pretty cool, huh?

By 11 am, I had run all my errands, done most of my chores (which included mopping the garage after the dogs both got sick, and pooped their brains out at least 5 times each), and settled in for some more seed-starting. Thank goodness my mother gave me and Victor a book about growing vegetables (Grow Vegetables by Alan Buckingham).  It’s clear and easy to read with lots of photos.

I set up shop in the dining room, near the glass sliders…lots of room, lots of light, but still has the warmth of the house.  We have what I’ve always thought to be a greenhouse near the vegetable garden, but I suspect it’s meant to be more of a potting shed…who knows.

Yes, that’s my bar in the background! Easy access? 🙂
Ready for seeds!
I read somewhere online that this will work. We’ll see…

Our shipment of seeds arrived today!!!!!!

I love the anticipation I feel when I set a seed into the soil and cover it up.  I have to admit…I think I check every hour to see if they’ve sprouted yet.  This is really the first time I’ve tried seed starting inside before the ground wamred up, so who knows if it’ll work.  I’m probably doing it all wrong, but whatever, at least I’ll learn something! My tomatoes have begun to burst through the soil, which is a good sign.  I’m hoping they’ll continue to grow and that I won’t accidentally find a new way to kill them!

We’ve got more sprouts than we did for the last post!

The lavender is catching up!

My time with dirt under my nails was cut abruptly short when I looked at the clock and it was 4 pm.  Victor and Lorena had requested to leave work a little early to head to an annual charity Rummage Sale in Wilsonville.  We packed up the car and headed out.  I decided to join them for a short while to see if I could find a goodie or two, and I managed to get this adorable little antique table for $10.  It’ll need a bit of TLC, but totally a project worth doing!

Besides for then making dinner (Pork Fried Rice), playing with EG, and then putting her to bed, that was my day…hmmm, now that it’s written down, it doesn’t seem like all that much. Odd.


Daddy brushing little teeth

Brushing her own teeth

"Uno, Dos, PRINKA!!!"

So Jeffrey discovered this when he was emptying the dishwasher...apparently that little cup got blown up into the bigger glass so perfectly, it created a seal and held all that water in...

What are the chances?!?!


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  1. You’re a gardening girl after my own heart. I assume these are all organic,non GMO seeds. Please tell me it’s true. {:-)
    You’ll be able to have a small truck farm.

  2. We stay as close to organic as we can! We wouldn’t be “certified organic” because the garden is situated next to the wheat fields, so when those are fertilized, it spreads on over to our little patch. 🙁 But no-GMO for me, thank you!!!!

  3. Nora was looking at the pictures of EG and said, “that is my best friend”

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