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Just Cherry Trees

This is the highlight of my year.  Whenever we have visitors any time of year, I tell them about this amazingly beautiful 2 weeks.  It might seem silly that I have so many darn pictures of them, but there’s just no way to explain the sight! It truly is outstanding!


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  1. I know what you mean! It’s just beautiful:) Cherry blossom season will be coming to Tokyo in 1 week, too. Hope your lovely daughter enjoyed the flowers. Love xx

  2. This is the best blog I have ever read. I don’t read many though, but trust me, this is the best! Oh and Melissa your pictures are so beautiful! Your camera takes amazing pictures. What kind is it?

  3. April,
    I use a Nikon D200, swapping out lenses when I get the itch…I love it 🙂

  4. Naoko! Send photos of Tokyo in bloom! I’d love to see what that looks like!!

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