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Spring Pains

Forget about the myriads of daffodils that redefine the color yellow.  Ignore the tulips that are just beginning to open up their petals. Roll your eyes at the crocus that are beginning to fade away.

Our newest crocus. I think these are my favorite

You should, however, take note of achy bones, creaky joints, heavy eyelids, useless muscles: these are the REAL harbingers of spring.  With all the planting, the digging, the standing, the stretching, I don’t think there’s a part of my body that doesn’t feel the consequences of hard work!

that being said…isn’t this spectacular!

Just when I’m feeling that I have things organized, in a routine, and “just right,” something changes.  I’m realizing that one of the greatest lessons that I learned from being the youngest of four children was how to be flexible and “go with the flow.”  Adapting to a million different needs, desires, and issues is definitely necessary to stay happy and content with life.  Thank GOODNESS I learned that young, because, Lord Almighty, I use it every day!

What’s that have to do with today?  I’m not totally sure, but I do know that there are days when I try to do too much…Jeffrey left for a long drive to California with Victor, Lorena, Yovani………and, just barely, my brother Jake.  Lorena and Victor were rushing around the property trying to make sure to tie up loose ends as much as they could before their vacation; Jeffrey was working; Ellie was busy running around and playing with Grandma; the dogs were running wild somewhere on the property; the horses were turned out enjoying the weather; and I was trying to make the most of the last few hours of help I would have.  Things, of course, weren’t exactly smooth sailing. When Jeffrey finally headed out, an hour later than he had hoped, I think we both were ready for some deep breathing.

heading out for a walk

Watching cousin "Sissy" do the hula

The good news is that we survived.  Take a look at what got done today:

1. Woke up, fed the horses, got coffee for the household while Ellie hung out with Grandma.

"Scrambling" her egg for breakfast

Saying hi to Cassie who was having some "Alone time" in the car!

This child loves going on walks!

2. Turned the horses out for a day in the beautiful sunshine.

3. Cleaned the stalls with Victor and discussed how I would deal with EG while still dealing with everything at the barn.

4. Pruned 8 fruit trees (probably incorrectly).

5. Cleaned up the mess left from the pruning.

6. Discovered that a *@$*&*! mouse had eaten my melon, cucumber, and squash seeds.

Yeah, those are empty husks

7. Cut  and arranged flowers for the house in preparation for my friend Gioia’s arrival tomorrow night.

8. Helped Geekah with fencing the garden to keep out the deer.

9. Planted carrots, radishes, onions, early lettuce, and spinach.

10. Replanted seeds that the mouse had eaten and have since decided to keep them in the house…

11. Went on a walk with my mother while EG was napping

Mom's adorable dog...CASSIE!


Bog Lanterns....one day I'll have to post the story of my first experience with these!

12. Did laundry (those of you who know me can close your gaping jaws now – I DO know how to run the washer!!!).

13. Drove with Grandma to pick up the Suburban at the rental company where my husband left it after attempting to get the oil changed (yes, one of THOSE days).

14. Blanketed the horses, prepped their food, and tucked them in.

15. Organized and filtered my infused vodkas (the kiwi berry is finally finished brewing and is insanely yummy).

16. Descaled my Nespresso coffee maker (it makes the best coffee, but needs some TLC every few months to keep up the quality – so worth it!).

17. Played with my daughter, and laughed until we snorted.

18. Painted my toenails (for the first time since I moved to Oregon, I think.  Oh, wait, Renee painted my toes when I was in the hospital, pregnant and drugged up…she dropped the bottle of polish and then cleaned it up…apparently, in my drugged-up state, I thought this was really amazing! hee hee. Oh man, I’m glad that experience is in the past).

19. Got the guest bathroom guest-ready.

20. Crawled into bed feeling tired, but productive.

How’s that for busy?

It’ll be interesting to see how the next 10 days pan out without Victor and Lorena. I am, however, really glad they are taking this time off, and even more happy that I get to see two of my girlfriends!  Gioia comes for the first half of the week, and then my dear friend Erin comes for the second half.  With another set of hands, I just might be able to succeed in keeping this place running!  It won’t be the same; but I’m cool with the acres and acres of grass not getting mown, the living room not getting dusted, and the garden growing some weeds. I probably won’t be able to take a shower without Ellie Graye at my feet, but I know that I’m going to love catching up and hanging out with my girls. Who knows,  I might even actually try to forget about the things that “need to be done” and pretend like I’m on vacation myself!  Ha. We’ll see how THAT goes!


2 Comments to “Spring Pains”

  1. Not on Facebook yet Swiss Miss – You are in such a good place. Looking back to Oakhurst…you are by baby sister and a true testiment to love, patience, and self reflection. I have never even looked at a blog ( ok I lived in a world of Corporate Finance for 10 years…) This is a damn good blog. Keep it up, want to see more details on how the H@ll you get that greenhouse so organized and how an Urban Nightmare might be able to have a window box of herbs, flowers, etc…

  2. Oh, Erin, a window box is an absolute must! There’s nothing like cooking with fresh herbs! There are so many that are so hardy too! I think I might need to start organizing my recipes into herb ingredients for the many people who are in the city…
    I am definitely a long way from Oakhurst, but miss the camaraderie, mentorship and sounding wall you gave me! You are a very special mamacita to me! xoxo

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