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Continuing Education

Ok, so I got to thinking tonight.  If I’m constantly striving to learn more, constantly searching, constantly growing and changing…then who the heck am I going to be in another 20 years?!?! Will I recognize myself? I mean, seriously, if I continue to learn at the rate that I have the last two years I just might short circuit from the amount of information, wisdom, and knowledge that will be floating around in my head!

Today a package arrived with a book I’ve been anxiously waiting for: The Pruning Book by Lee Reich.  It’s what really triggered all these thoughts.  There is so much information in this book, and I’m not even sure I understand 90% of what is written – which is good and bad. The good thing is that I now have other areas to research, other vocabulary words to incorporate into my vernacular, and a whole new level of understanding as far as my plants and garden go.  The bad thing is that now I feel like I’ve already killed my garden with my complete incompetence! I’m afraid my apple trees will never again produce a sweet, juicy fruit; my lilacs will never again be covered with fragrant bundles of beauty; my daphnes will always be scraggly and leggy.  Dear, oh dear. What have I done (or NOT done as the case may be!).

Ha.  But then, of course, isn’t that how life works?  I realize I don’t know something, so I study it and in studying it, I realize that the more I learn the more I realize I NEED to learn!  Aaah. The joys of knowledge.

Enough philosophizing – let me just get down to it.  Gioia left today. That sucked.  I’ve got nothing more to say about that.

On another note…..I’m proud of myself for a number of things, despite my insecurity in regards to my pruning ignorance.  I am rejoicing in my abilities, my strengths, and my incredible forethought: I remembered to take the garbage out for pick up and the recycling to the front entrance BEFORE the trucks arrived.  Yes. It’s the little things I’m holding on to!

On my way back to the house from taking the recycling bins!

The morning began with EG yelling from her crib for oatmeal, and the day ended with her begging for…for…oatmeal.  What is it with this child and her Steel Cut Oats?  Don’t think I’m complaining; I’ve been darn strict about what I present to her for food, and the fact that she loves something so healthy makes me pretty darn happy.  She likes it plain or with raisins.  We’re not talking that instant stuff with all the sugar.  Nope, she likes the oatmeal that takes an hour to really cook! 🙂 Aaah, Ellie Graye.  What a special little girl.

She had to finish her polenta before she could have oatmeal. I couldn't believe what I was saying. She was watching the pot cooking the oatmeal!

Watching the tractor work!


My seedlings taking in some of the amazingly warm sunshine

One of the robins taking to herself in the car mirror!


2 Comments to “Continuing Education”

  1. Melissa, the joy of continual learning is usually lost soon after childhood. Don’t ever lose this hunger, this curiosity, this wonder at the way the world works.
    It is the secret to really growing up, then older, then wiser.
    Your childlike delight in gardening, in cooking, in the art of beautiful homemaking, in your “wunderkind” EG, in where God has placed you, makes for delightful reading.
    Am reading a book called “The secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd and wonder if you have.

  2. I love learning new things- Its something that has stuck with me and has never gone away. Probably good in my life, since I’m still working toward a PhD.

    You should be (and probably are) very proud of the way you are raising your daughter to be healthy. Fantastic!! 🙂

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