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Living the Dream

I’m so incredibly fortunate to live where I do, have the life that I do, and be doing the things that I am.  That being said, sometimes it’s just damn hard work with little immediate reward…and when I say hard work, I mean hard labor.

I’m so ridiculously sore today.  The kind of sore that reminds you every time you move that you’re just not as strong, young, or as in shape as you need to be.  The kind of sore that only comes from manual labor.  My lord! I need to do that more – I’d be ripped!

As you guessed or already knew, yesterday wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.  We woke up before the sun to get Jeffrey to the airport for his 7:30 am flight to Los Angeles.  Thank goodness we had asked Granma Lene and Bampa to take The Bear.  On the way back, I had planned to stop at the barn to feed the horses, then head home for a quiet morning with a cup of coffee and a few tasks around the house before I would head to pick her up.  That all changed, however, when I walked into the barn and heard the horses calling unusual neighs.  I could tell Avdoo was standing in his run calling to me, then I heard a “splish-splash” in Frank’s stall.

What the heck????

Then the REAL actual problem hit my ear drums: running water.  I ran down to Avdoo’s stall, passing flooded stall after flooded stall.  Frank stood in water up to his cannon bone (his shin), while Avdoo wouldn’t put a hoof into the depths of the pond that was once his home.  Not thinking, I stepped into Avdoo’s stall with my brand new sneakers, and sank to my ankles.

“Crap, oh Crap! Oh CRAP!!!!”

Avdoo stared at me from outside his run, weaving his head a bit, and looking completely and utterly bewildered.  It was pretty obvious what had happened.  Avdoo has always been a bit “oral” – he’s a nibbler, cribber, chewer, biter, and just always seems to be moving his mouth around. This time, he decided to use the faucet in his stall as a toy…problem is, he didn’t know how to turn it off.  The water had to have been running the entire night to flood like that…

The path of water from Avdoo's to the other runs

Needless to say, my plans for a nice quiet morning went out the window.  I fed the boys their grain, turned them out to the pasture, and started working.  I put hay down outside, stripped the stalls inside, then filled the indoors with sawdust TWICE each (luckily we have plenty of sawdust at DPF courtesy of the cabinet shop).  Even then, there were still pools of water throughout the stalls.  I couldn’t believe how heavy the loads were when I would take them out.  I filled up the John Deere trailer 7 times.  SEVEN – that’s insane. And seriously – wet wood is HEAVY!!!

The least flooded stall - I didn't get a shot of Frank and Avdoo's stalls

Looking from Frank's run to Avdoo's after 2 hours of clean up

Avdoo's stall during the second round

After the third load of sawdust, I got a text message from mom saying they were on their way with The Bear; at that point, I decided that I had reached a point where the two stalls were “livable” and tried to let it go.  Today the stalls are still far from dry, but at least the horses weren’t having to do the breast stroke in order to get to their feed!

Looks like it never happened....though today this was sopped through.

I’ll skip talking about how EG decided to drink a crap load of Frank’s water while I was finishing up…and how she pooped while we were still at the barn and since I didn’t have a diaper I waited to change her until we got home, and now her mild diaper rash is now really bad (trust me, I feel AWFUL…I really should have just called it quits and said, “enough is enough.” Lesson learned).  I’ll spare you the details of the words that came out of my mouth when I detatched the trailer, loaded it up INSIDE the stall, and then realized that I couldn’t budge it, let alone push it back out to hook it up to the trailer, so I had to dump the whole thing and reload it as it sat outside the stall.  Yeah, those things don’t really add to the story, so I’ll just move on….

One clean pile, one wet pile...the trailer INSIDE the stall. WOOPS. Big mistake.

Today was a MUCH better start!  Colin and Susie came over for brunch and to help with EG while I again mucked stalls.  It was nice to hang out and EG was thrilled to see “Shoozie” – she totally shows off for her!  Anyway, we had a few mimosas and my yummy blueberry brunch strata (though I think it’s much better with Blackberries).

Helping mommy set the table for Brunch

So perfect for brunch on the farm...hmmm.......maybe we should raise sheep!

I turned the horses out for an hour or so, but brought them in while I still had someone around to keep an eye on my mini-Me…then I put them out of mind, and got on with my day!  I didn’t get any photos of them, but my seedlings are doing pretty good…I’ll be transplanting them sooner than I know, I’m sure.

I’m excited to have Victor back tomorrow so we can get back into a regular schedule, but more importantly so we can start building our cucumber, pea, and bean trellises!  Woo hoo!  It has been a nice little break, but I’m ready to get back to it!

Come on week! Let’s go!

Oh, and welcome back, Jake (your niece keeps asking for you)!


Trying so hard to open the dryer...check out the outfit she chose...both from Uncle Jake's trips to Asia

I thought she wanted to help, but she really just wanted to turn the light on and off!

She really loves this spice drawer...

And the spices in it!!!! She sucked on this cinnamon stick off and on all day


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