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Word Tickers

Today I napped.  I rarely, rarely, rarely take the time to sit down, let alone nap…but Jeffrey and I both have scratchy throats, and I hardly slept last night (the storm last night was so strong it woke the whole family, including the dogs.  Ellie Graye couldn’t settle back to sleep, so I spent a good portion of my night comforting her while the wind howled and the rain pounded her window).

It was during those midnight hours that I realized that I’m addicted to not only DPF, cooking, gardening, and my horses, but I’m addicted to this blog.  As I lay holding my daughter, listening to the wind whip through the trees, all I could think about were the seedlings that I had planted earlier in the day.  “Had I hardened them off enough?” “Would their delicate leaves be able to withstand the force of the wind?” “Would the rain wash away their roots?”  I even formulated a plan to head to the garden once EG was asleep to go protect them from the evil forces of nature.  I changed my mind once she was finally quiet in her crib, and I was half asleep myself!

What’s that got to do with the blog?  Well, the entire time I was thinking about braving the wind, rain and cold to go protect my emerging seedlings, there was a voice writing a narration of the story…see, I’m not sure anyone else in the world thinks like me, but when I talk or think, I SEE the words.  They tick across the front of my head like a  programmable scrolling word sign – the ones with the red letters that you see in windows of random jewelry stores and gas stations. When the words whiz by too fast or when I accidentally spell words incorrectly, I stutter. Yeah. I know. I’m weird.  But that’s how I think.

THIS is what I use in my head…but with unlimited fonts and colors!

What’s cool, though is that the words come in various colors.  Usually having to do with the emotion behind the words I’m saying, but other times they just choose themselves. Different people are assigned different fonts, speeds, and formats – but they’re always visible in my head. When I know a friend really well, their identifying font is their penmanship.  So how’s that for random?  Aaah, the things I decide to reveal while listening to the rain!

Lorena and Victor are back from LA, and brought with them a gift from an old friend of mine, Frannie.  Frannie was Madonna’s LA housekeeper the entire time I lived with M, and even a year or so after, I think.  After leaving the Material Girl, she went to work for Gwen Stefani.  She’s an amazing housekeeper who works her butt off, and always wears a smile…even in the middle of chaos!  I haven’t seen her in years, but the household staff from that particular time has a special bond, I think.  Anyway, she had Lorena bring me a bottle of Gwen’s fragrance, and while I’m not a big perfume wearer, I actually really like it!  It’s girly, but has a tough edge to it.  Thanks, Francisca!

Other than contemplating writing about scrolling word signs, today was pretty uneventful.  We had swimming, as usual (though the pool was a little cold, and is closed tomorrow since it turns out the heater broke), and then we just hung out at the house.  Ellie was thrilled that Yovani didn’t go to school today, and followed him around like a puppy dog saying, “MANNNNNY! Alla (over there!).”  She LOVES him so much!

How do I eat this pizza? I don’t want mommy to cut it up!

The day ended with the usual Monday drive to the airport;  I can’t wait until those trips are less frequent.  It’ll be lovely to have my husband around more often than not.  One day soon, I hope.

Once I got home, I got Ellie down and then gave my plants some attention.  I had to move them out of the laundry room since Lorena is back and needed the use of the counters and the washer and dryer.  All my plants have now returned to a folding table in the dining room! Aaaaaaaaah, the smell of soil! Love it.

Not sure if I have enough……..maybe I should plant another round.

Pole Bean. I think it looks like an alien.


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  1. ellie’s the only one who has my curls!

  2. frannie rodriguez

    hi melissa hope ur ok. ur baby girl is adorable. nice site ha.love it

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