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People are weird

“Jewelry made from deer poop.”

THAT, my friends, is how someone somewhere in Canada (maybe that’s the problem) found good ol’ DeerParkFarms.com.  What the heck they wanted to know about wearing feces as an accessory I have no idea.   Of course, out of morbid curiosity, I had to do the same query myself…and what do you know, turns out it might not be as uncommon as I thought.  I was shocked at how many sites there are talking about these things.  Even a few zoos sell them.  Is it just me, or is that weird????

you can buy them at www.tellmewhereonearth.com

On the subject of how people have found the blog here at Deer Park.  One person searched for “Madonna G-string.”  Can you imagine his surprise when instead of sexy photos of M in a g-string there was her nanny talking about toddlers and farming.  Hmmm…poor guy.

Now, to bring it back to today at DPF, I’ll just stay on the weird, yucky, gross topic.  As I was walking to bed, a movement in the hallway caught my eye.

I think he was trying to blend in

Oh the joys of living in the countryside: you never know what you’ll find indoors.

Other than that, the day was the usual…toddlers, gardens, dogs, horses, food…

Here are the photos from the day.

Today was the first time she asked for big girl panties....OVER her diaper

She wanted to pick out her own clothes today.....it didn't go so well

there's no point to this photo except for how much I love the way her socks are at her knees and she's standing like an old lady

On our way to pull weeds and dead head

What the HECK is taking mom so long?!?!

This is SERIOUS business!

Tonight's dinner...freaking yummy

Looking from the driveway back to the house...the rose garden is just beyond those trees, where the flag pole is

The quince tree is blooming...

Apple blossoms

Blueberry blossoms

Rare Rhodes that Mrs. Gaylord nurtured, and I have nearly killed

The vegetable garden...once the weather clears up and warms up, we can finish and really plant!

the hidden trillium...I could only find 3 plants on the entire 72 acres

Trillium #2

Trillium #3

A Swamp Lantern (AKA Skunk Cabbage) growing in our stream


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  1. Beautiful photos! I love Spring; after the bleak Winter it’s enthusiastically welcomed! 🙂

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