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Aaaaah. The weekend.

The weekends are for relaxing, right?


Not at DPF.  No way, no how, nuh-uh.

At DPF, we wake up at 7:30 am. Make breakfast. Get the baby ready to out the door; go out the door. Feed the horses. At this point, Jeffrey usually takes EG and heads to go get coffee in town, and spend some time with the Bear.  This morning that’s what happened, and I headed to Newberg to pick up some items for various and sundry events this weekend.

I noticed Frank’s leg was a bit hot and swollen, and was pretty tender.  He cut himself two weeks ago, and had had a little infection when Gioia was here.  She had done a Fura-zone sweat (basically, you spread this ointment all over the cut, then wrap it in saran wrap, then wrap it in a bandage and leave it overnight).  That seemed to have done the trick, but I’ve been keeping my eye on it.  I turned them out to the pasture despite my worries, and put a note in the back of my mind.

Frank, being Frank

At about 10:40 am, Jeffrey, EG, and I all piled into the car, and headed to little Eamen’s 2nd birthday party.  We had been to their house once before, and Jeffrey felt decently confident that he knew where he was going.  Once we put the address into the GPS, however, we discovered that we had driven right past the exit, and the next exit wasn’t for another 7 miles or something.  There were some curt words exchanged, and then silence.  I had to throw in my snooty, bitchy, snide, “We’re going to be late” comment, and then silence again.

We took a million wrong turns, and then, “Oh my God, did we get the right day….the right time…the right place???” There weren’t any other cars parked on the street, and there wasn’t much indication of a party going on anywhere…Thank goodness for the three happy little balloons that were tied to the mailbox – they gave me a glimmer of hope that I hadn’t gotten things completely wrong.

It reminded me of the time that my dear friend Mandy showed up a week before one of our crazy ass Los Angeles parties, with a posse in hand.

“Uh, I brought a bunch of friends to your party!”

“Well, Mandy, you’re a week early for the annual Papen Christmas party…but, yeah, let’s party on!”

I still laugh about that!

Fortunately, I hadn’t gotten the day or the place wrong, but I had thought the invitation said “11” when it said “11:30” – we were the first ones there and had arrived promptly at 11:30 am.  Jeffrey and I exchanged a laugh, and gave each other that loving assurance that only really great friends can give: the silent “I’m sorry.”

The party was a great break from the usual, with lots of good food, people, and conversation!  Eamon was adorable, of course, and Ellie Graye loved his train…

I had a blast putting together his birthday present…I love these kinds of themed gifts!  I’ve been collecting stuff for him for several weeks, and once I put it all together, it just looked GREAT!  Watering can, shovel, rake, hand rake, hand shovel, planters, and his favorite? The fill! Aaaw, what a cutie!

Everything he needs for the garden!

Ellie, of course, fell asleep on the way home.  She was so darn tired, so I carried her to her crib and then headed back out to the barn to bring in the horses and muck stalls…that didn’t take long, and when I returned, I discovered that EG hadn’t actually fallen back to sleep, but was screaming in her crib while Jeffrey took a nap.  I let her scream a little longer and got a couple more things taken care of.  In the meantime, Jeffrey woke up (EG has a pair of lungs that could rival any opera singers) and he and Ellie were soon busy playing with the play-doh that had come in the favor bag from Eamon. Apparently, Daddy helped her overcome her hesitancy to play with something so disgusting. Ugh. I hate Play-Doh…ANYWAY,  it was awful cute to see the two of them having fun together…Jeffrey loves that little girl so damn much!

After a bit of playing around, Jeffrey and I decided that I wouldn’t be cooking dinner, but that we’d get take-out (no one delivers to the boon-docks, you know).  He and EG headed to town, and I went back to the barn again to cold-hose Frank’s cut.  When I got there, it had become more swollen and was hot — signs of infection.  Damn it!  To me (and Gabby) it looks like there’s something in there.  I finally broke down and called the vet.  They started him on an antibiotic, and will be coming out to look at it on Tuesday.  Good news is that Dr. Fischer will be able to make that boat payment he was beginning to worry about!

It doesn't look that bad, but it's deeeeeeep. I probably should have had it sutured when it happened.

3 scoops, once daily

So, once my weekly trip to the vet was done and the horses were tucked in for the night, we all sat around the kitchen island and had some yummy Thai food.  EG loves the “picy” foods, man.  It’s funny.  She’ll grab her tongue with a frazzled expression, but won’t stop eating more!  Too funny.

Once we got her down, I had some fun with some flower arranging for the table…

For the millionth time: I LOVE SPRING!


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