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The City of Angels

My City-Home - I do love the comfort of the familiar sights and streets

I am definitely in Los Angeles.  I’m tired from a great night last night, and am more than a tiny bit relieved that no one is answering their phones and I have no idea where anyone is. I might actually be able to sleep tonight.  It does seem odd to be sitting in Renee’s apartment alone, but I’m going to take advantage of the quiet and post some photos from the fun.

Last night my girlfriends and I met up with my old friend Kenny (who is also married) and a group of his friends at Bar Marmont.  We had a fantastic time, and the Fiery Four (as I think I will call us from now on) were on our A-game and quite entertaining.  There was so much laughter and fun that it really was a perfect night.

The group (where was Kenny???)

Kenny, Me, and Ty (who looks like he's gonna KILL someone - he's actually a super nice guy)

Why in the world I thought that Bar Marmont was the best place to teach two single guys how to burp a baby will remain a mystery to me. Why didn't someone STOP ME instead of documenting it?

The Fiery Four

Today was Katie’s bridal shower – which is the reason I was down here.  I didn’t take many photos, but had a wonderful time catching up with all the Whittier Folk that were there.  Wendy, Katie’s aunt, was one of my English professors, and it was so wonderful to sit and talk like we used to.  Whittier was an absolutely incredible learning experience, and talking with her made me want to go back and take classes.  Olivia, the receptionist from Platner Hall where I worked all four years was also there, and I was finally able to tell her how grateful I am for all her support through those years of struggling through those difficult years.  I got to know Sally, another Whittier staffer, and was thrilled to meet Katy, the newest addition to the Foreign Study office.  It really was a wonderful time of celebrating Katie’s friendship and the incredibly beautiful woman she has become! I’m so proud of my little sister!

Katie and I

I got to talk to the Bear online, and aaaaw, man, I miss her!

Now I’m heading off to Los Feliz to go cuddle on the couch with Erin and watch Jesus Camp……..she’ll have to listen to my commentary about it, but she’ll live.


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  1. Love to hear your take on what I consider a very “sick” film. Ted Haggard??? You’ve got to be kidding?

  2. Ugh. Jesus Camp. It gave me a. flashbacks, b. nightmares and c. forced me into therapy for a while longer. haha.

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