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Back in the Swing of Things

Starting my morning out by being injected in my hip with dye, being tied down to a table, and slid into a tiny little hole in a big machine was not exactly my favorite way to wake up.  When my alarm sent off at 6:45, I wanted to cry.  MRI’s just suck, and I could think of a million excuses not to show up to my appointment.  I stuck to it, however, and was there right on time.  Dr. Wilson had a little trouble getting the dye into the joint, so he had to poke a few more times than he said he normally does.  It was one time that I was grateful for my pain tolerance! I made it through the testing, and will know in a couple of days what they feel the diagnosis is.  While I hope they don’t find anything terribly abnormal, I also am dreading the words, “We didn’t find anything.” If nothing shows up on the MRI, there’s nothing they can do to help with the pain and the discomfort.  It’d be nice to be able to feel my thigh again.

The highlight of today was the arrival of “Mayumi’s Kitchen.”  My dear friend Mayumi worked as Madonna’s chef while I was living there, and was such a wonderful support, shoulder to cry on, and companion.  She sent me a signed copy, and it means the world to me.  She has a few other cookbooks, but they’re all in Japanese.  This is her first English cookbook, and I can’t wait to dive in and make the recipes – many of which I’m quite familiar with, but have never cooked myself!  Thank you, Maya, for the gift!  If you’re curious, it’s really a great cookbook – you can find it on amazon.com here.  I’m thinking I’ll make her fruit tart for Saturday’s Mother’s Day Brunch…

Jake came over for a bit, and took EG for a really, really, really long walk.  They had a great time, and were just adorable!

See them way over there on the other side of the lake? 🙂

She insisted on him carrying that darn stick

Between the two of us, there’s hardly a moment that isn’t on film
She just discovered her pockets
She chose the shorts/leggings combo – that was NOT my doing!

“Whatcha finding, guys?”

Picking the crimson clover

Victor mowed the back of the dam today – it looks like a golf course! LOL

About to turn our fields red



3 Comments to “Back in the Swing of Things”

  1. That cookbook looks fantastic. I hope they can figure out what is wrong and that you feel better soon! ~M

  2. Melissa, didn’t know you had health issues. Believe me I know how dreadfully suffocating MRIs can be…I’ve had 6 since 2005. But that’s what enabled them to discover a meningioma, a slow growing tumor that had caused an epileptic episode.
    I now have three very interesting holes in my head. {:-)
    Will be praying, Mary

  3. Michelle Freeman

    love EG’s hat. Makalah had one like that and the velcro under the chin is great so it stays on. isn’t it a hoot when they pick out their own clothes! love it. hope your health issues are resolved soon.

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